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Dealing with fraud? Our fraud solicitor is here to help you
22 Nov 2021

Fraud is a criminal activity that is carried out for monetary gain. Fraud by false representation is where a person makes a statement or representation that they know is false in order to make a financial gain or obtain something for themselves by subjecting another person or institution to a loss.

There are many different types of fraudulent activity, some of which include credit card fraud, online banking fraud, bankruptcy fraud, tax fraud, security fraud and wire fraud. Fraudulent activity can be carried out by an individual, a group of people or a whole company or business.

Financial fraud involves harming the finances of a person or organisation by deception and illegal activity for personal gain. If you are a victim of fraud or have had a fraud allegation made against you, then contact us at ABV solicitors immediately so we can delegate our top fraud solicitor to you. Regardless of whether you have inadvertently carried out the crime, done it intentionally for monetary gain or been accused of a false allegation, you will need our help. We will deal with your case sensitively and confidentially, and you can rest assured that our fraud solicitor has the knowledge and expertise to deal with your case effectively to ensure minimal damage to you or your company.

Are you a victim of fraud?

Being a victim of fraud can be highly distressing and a traumatic situation to find yourself in. Financial fraud normally occurs via identity theft or investment fraud. The money lost in such cases is very difficult to recover through compensation or from the bank and can usually only be covered by civil justice. Irrespective of your expectations of retrieving the money you have lost, it is vital to report such situations at the first possible instance.

You must have the assistance and expertise of our fraud solicitor to put together evidence to show that you have been victimised; this will include bank statements, credit reports and evidence against the perpetrators to document the crime that has been committed and help achieve a positive outcome for you and your finances.

Have you been accused of fraud?

If you have been accused of fraud or interviewed under caution for fraud or other financial crimes, it is crucial to remember that you have the right to have a fraud solicitor present to ensure that you understand the charges being made against you. Furthermore, you are also allowed to take the time to ease your nerves and prepare for what you will say so that you can present your side in the best possible light.

Our experienced solicitor is aware of the techniques and strategies that the authorities may use to obtain information from you that they may later use against you in court. Therefore, you will be coached accordingly prior to the interview to help you face any questions clearly and confidently.

Speak to us at ABV solicitors today, and our fraud solicitor will provide you with strong legal representation to reduce the chance of any further implications and help achieve a positive outcome for you where possible.

The role of a fraud solicitor in dealing with fraud allegations and confiscation proceedings

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