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Been accused of bribery or corruption? What you need to do from our fraud solicitor
26 Jun 2023

It is something that most people have heard of at one time or another; a business or person being accused of corruption or bribery.

Corruption and bribery are unethical practices where individuals in power abuse their authority for personal gain. These actions involve giving or receiving illicit gifts, money, or favours in exchange for special treatment or to gain an unfair advantage in business or politics.

Being accused of bribery or corruption can be extremely damaging to a business’s reputation and can lead to severe legal and financial consequences. Therefore, it is crucial that you take immediate action to address such allegations.

So, if you find that your business has been accused of corruption, bribery, or both, then you need to contact our team at ABV Solicitors. Our fraud solicitor will be able to put together a defence plan for you and will work with you to restore your business reputation.

Now, what should you do if your business has been accused of these activities? Our fraud solicitor provides a quick guide.

Conduct an internal investigation

The first step that our fraud solicitor will advise is to conduct a thorough internal investigation to determine the validity of the allegations. This may involve reviewing financial records, interviewing employees, and analysing any other relevant information. The investigation should be conducted by an independent party to ensure impartiality and objectivity.

Of course, this can be a lengthy and difficult process, so our team at ABV Solicitors can prove invaluable here.

Cooperate with the authorities

It is exceedingly easy to become defensive when you or your company are accused of fraud.

However, digging your heels in the sand is not going to help and can actually make things a lot worse. If the allegations are deemed to be valid, it is essential to cooperate fully with the authorities. This may involve sharing the findings of the internal investigation and providing any other information that is requested. Failure to cooperate can lead to additional legal and financial consequences, especially if the allegation is with HMRC, as you may lose your business licences altogether.

Take corrective action

Now, on to the worst-case scenario.

If the allegations of bribery or corruption are found to be true, the business should take immediate corrective action. This may involve terminating employees who were involved in the misconduct, implementing new policies and procedures to prevent future incidents, and making restitution to any victims of bribery or corruption.

This will bode extremely well in your favour should your case go to court, where our team from ABV Solicitors will be able to defend you.

Enhance compliance procedures

Prevention is also key when it comes to protecting your business from future accusations, and here, our team can really help you. It is crucial to ensure that the business has robust compliance procedures in place to prevent future incidents. This may involve training employees on anti-bribery and corruption policies, conducting regular audits, and implementing internal controls to monitor and prevent unethical behaviour.

Communicate with stakeholders

Transparency is crucial when it comes to addressing allegations of bribery or corruption. The business should communicate with its stakeholders, including employees, customers, and investors, about the steps it is taking to address the allegations. This can help to rebuild trust and restore the business’s reputation, which is going to be of utmost importance when it comes to larger businesses and companies that may have stocks.

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