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Are your rights and interests under threat? Our fraud solicitor can help
15 Mar 2023

As fraud solicitors we are faced with the fact that this is by far the dominant crime of the current decade. Our role as a modern fraud solicitor is to ensure that our clients’ rights and interests are defended and protected. We have developed an enviable reputation both nationally and internationally for providing robust defences and achieving the best possible outcomes. Just because there is an allegation, does not mean that a person is guilty and by the same token if someone is a victim they deserve compensation. The mental damage that is often inflicted by these crimes has been instrumental in our team developing an empathetic approach towards our clients.

Experience and youthful exuberance

At ABV Solicitors we are a dynamic team who rely on the knowledge, experience and exhilaration that staff interaction brings to the firm. Technology is always evolving and our new paralegals and trainee solicitors help to develop that dynamic transition by feeding off the knowledge of our experienced team members and vice versa. In the legal profession the laws change and the ingenuity of those involved in crime means that we are also constantly adapting. Our reputation as a leading law firm has been achieved because our approach has allowed us to produce enviable results for our clients.

Individuals and business

Our fraud solicitor takes instruction from both individuals and companies alike. Companies can sometimes be caught out by not having sufficiently robust practices in place to protect their integrity. An employee of a company may find a way to dishonestly steal from a company, but they may also use the company to benefit themselves dishonestly in other ways. Because of our stature in the legal profession we have garnered the services of some of the best forensic specialists. Their expertise together with ours has helped many companies and individuals to uncover dishonest behaviour. Our reputation also allows us to call on the services of some of the finest King’s Counsel and eminent barristers in the UK. This expertise together with the tenacious work of our various teams has enhanced our reputation as a law firm to be admired.

Any age any status

Gaining a financial advantage, dishonestly, over another is more or less the essence of this type of crime. The older members of our society are often targeted as they are viewed as being the most vulnerable. Gaining a financial advantage over someone by using emotional stress can have disastrous consequences for the victim and our experience in being empathetic has helped many of our clients to deal with the emotional anxiety. We regard all our clients with the respect and dignity that they deserve yet abide by the rule of law in the UK that you are innocent until proven guilty.

In your time of need!

If you need a legal firm to fight your corner, ABV Solicitors will provide you with a team of specialists who have all the legal expertise that you will need. We go one step further because of our training and experience. We also know how to make you feel less stressed and able to cope with the pressures and tension.

Peace of mind provided by our fraud solicitor

Need an experienced fraud solicitor?