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An introduction to fraud
10 Jan 2022

In recent years you will find that fraud has become one of the most frequently committed forms of crime in the UK. Our fraud solicitor will tell you that this has partially been caused by the increasing use of social media and the internet. As a generation we are now heavily reliant on social media and electronic devices such as phones, laptops and tablets for our everyday and day-to-day activities, such as work, socialising, the news, and for general information. This gives fraudsters and perpetrators more of an opportunity to target individuals and commit fraudulent activities against their victims.

If you have suffered as a victim of fraud then contact ABV Solicitors where our expert fraud solicitors will be able to assist you and guide you through the legal process.

What is cyber fraud?

Our fraud solicitor will be able to tell you that cyber fraud is a type of fraud that has become increasingly common in recent years. So what exactly is cyber fraud? Cyber fraud has been defined as a type of fraud that gets committed online through an electronic device with the intention to gain access to another individual’s personal and financial information.

You may be thinking how does this work? How can perpetrators gain access to someone else’s personal and financial information? Often these perpetrators operate from across the world, so proximity to their victims is not required. As a generation we look for simplicity and ease and therefore phones, websites and apps enable us to save our credentials and credit and debit card details for future use. This is where the root of the problem lies. We do not realise that we are playing into the hands of fraudsters and perpetrators and are making it easier for them to target us and gain access to our details. The perpetrators of cyber fraud are highly trained individuals who commit on a daily basis. Often it is their full time job.

How does cyber fraud affect the UK?

National statistics have shown that cyber fraud costs the UK around about £190 million on a yearly basis. Consequently the government has toughened the laws in order to protect people from becoming victims of cyber crime.

How to protect yourself against cyber fraud

The main method that fraudsters use to gain access to people’s personal details and financial information is through sending viruses or phishing emails to their electronic devices. Therefore it is essential that if you receive any email or virus asking you to open a link or attachment and provide your financial and personal information, that you do not open the attachments and respond to these emails. It is important that before you open such emails you think about and are aware of the types of questions and information that your bank and other financial bodies will ask of you. For example they will never ask for your PIN number and they will never email you asking you to provide your personal details. If you receive such emails or even phone calls requesting information then you should make sure you contact your bank immediately to find out if they have indeed made contact with you, before providing any information.

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