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Achieve a positive outcome with the help of our fraud solicitor
03 Apr 2023

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, it will probably be one of the most traumatic situations that you have ever found yourself in. Whether you have committed a crime or you have been unknowingly involved in a crime or a false allegation has been made against you, it is important that you seek specialist legal help immediately to prevent yourself from being implicated any further. In this way you can avoid a criminal record, unlimited fines or even imprisonment. At the first instance, whether you are contacted by the police or relevant authorities, you need to contact ABV Solicitors and ask to be put in touch with our specialist fraud solicitor who has extensive experience in dealing with financial crime.

Fraud and financial crime

Fraud is an umbrella term for a range of financial crimes and we have been recognised as one of the top defence solicitors in the country for dealing with such cases. We will be able to assess your case and give you an idea of how your case is going to progress. We can discuss possible timelines, how long it will take if you plead guilty and the implications that this may have. This is as well as how the case will proceed if you plead not guilty and how you can defend the charges with as little impact on you, your business, your company or organisation, as well your family and loved ones who will also be affected by the outcome of your case, as possible. Being charged with a criminal offence can put your whole life on hold. You may be suspended from your job whilst the investigation is being carried out. Your assets may be frozen and your reputation may be compromised. We will use our expertise to minimise the implications and put together a strong defence for you.

The role of our fraud solicitor

It is important that you speak to us immediately, because aside from giving you basic legal advice at this point, our fraud solicitor can be present at the police station and prevent you from implicating yourself in the case any further. We can advise how you should participate in interviews and be present for all interviews and meetings. We will analyse all of the evidence against you. This may be hundreds of pages or it may be thousands depending on the complexity of the case. Here at ABV Solicitors our fraud solicitor has experience in dealing with high-profile cases and we will provide you with legal opinion on whether we can win your case or if we can come to a negotiation instead. We will do our best to help you avoid a criminal record by working with the leading barristers, forensic accountants and King’s Counsel. The process itself can be lengthy and we will make sure that all of our communications are carried out in a timely manner to avoid any unnecessary delays. We will represent you to the highest of standards in court if necessary and we will achieve the minimum sentencing, penalties and fines as we possibly can. Speak to us at ABV Solicitors today and find out how our solicitor can help you.

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