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Wrongly accused? Don’t ruin your defence from the start; get a criminal solicitor
14 Aug 2023

To be accused of a serious crime like murder, terrorism or slavery can naturally cause you to react, but how you react can be detrimental to your defence. Not understanding the law or how it works can make people do things that they think at the time are rational. If you are accused of any of these misdemeanours, it is a far more prudent reaction to immediately call a criminal solicitor at ABV Solicitors. This way, you will have an expert on your case from the start ensuring that everything is handled correctly. If you are taken to a police station, get us involved; we will represent you, don’t allow yourself to be drawn into saying something that you will later regret.


Murder and manslaughter are two different crimes, which fall under homicide, and without knowing and understanding the definition, it is foolish for someone to try and defend such an action being brought against them. Terrorism has blighted our shores for a long time and is another serious crime that requires the advice and guidance of an expert criminal solicitor. Modern slavery is a serious crime encompassing several definitions, including human trafficking and forced labour. At ABV Solicitors, we have the expertise and knowledge to help and guide you through the maze of the laws surrounding these crimes. Sometimes ego and passion can get in the way of common sense, and we will help you to understand the consequences of not following our advice.

Dynamic, passionate and dedicated teams

Our reputation in legal circles is that of a sound and solid legal practice, which has been built over years of successfully defending our clients. We are constantly evolving, and our regular intake of paralegals and trainee solicitors benefit from the experience and knowledge of our senior solicitors. They also bring new techniques and perspectives.

Modern approaches and the use of modern techniques and skills mean that we are always evolving and adapting to the 21st century. Our history allows us to call on the expertise gained from the many high-profile cases we have defended. When we allocate a team to a particular case, you can rest assured that we have selected each member of that team carefully. From the lead criminal solicitor to the most junior member of a team, each has the necessary and relevant complementary skills to provide you with the best defence.

Preparation is key

We have a reputation for being thorough, and we expect our clients to give us all the details so that we can follow up and prepare correctly. Your allocated team will conduct interviews, gather evidence and, where necessary, call on the expertise of specialist medical and forensic experts. No stone will be left unturned in our team’s quest to uncover every shred of evidence necessary to defend you against losing your liberty.

It’s not only about you

Remember that until you have been proven guilty, you are innocent. Your family is as exposed as you are to being ridiculed and affected by any allegations. Therefore, we will work to protect not only you but also those close to you. As a client of ABV Solicitors, you can be confident that our team will work tirelessly to compile the best defence for you.

Accused of a criminal offence? Our criminal solicitor will protect your legal rights!

Award-winning criminal solicitor at ABV Solicitors