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Why hiring a criminal solicitor is in your best interests
06 Jun 2022

What is the most critical factor that determines whether a criminal allegation is won or lost? We believe it is the quality of the legal defence provided by the accused. At ABV Solicitors, we understand that being under suspicion or charged with a criminal offence is not without an onslaught of stress, anxiety and uncertainty about what is to happen.

There are a number of areas of one’s life that will be adversely impacted should a criminal charge have an undesirable outcome. Having a criminal record can make seeking employment a challenge, and without employment, it is nearly impossible to live a decent life. Also at risk is future travel, applying for a home loan or car insurance, and being eligible for adoption, and it goes without saying that running for public office becomes a distant possibility.

There is practically no area of life that is not touched in some way by being found guilty of a criminal allegation. Hiring a criminal solicitor is the first recommendation advised by legal experts as this can safeguard one’s freedoms.

Top benefits of a criminal solicitor

The number one factor anyone facing criminal charges looks for is a formidable defence strategy provided by a criminal solicitor. It is not just the daunting prospect of facing prosecution that one wants to avoid, but also the upheaval that follows that is normally par for the course with allegations of this nature.

Professional legal advice lowers stress

Stress levels can hit the roof when being investigated by the police, and knowing that one’s rights are protected by a reliable criminal solicitor goes a long way in helping the accused gain a fair chance in an ethical investigation process and put up a strategic defence.

The chance of a positive outcome is increased

Any chance of succeeding at defending criminal charges and prosecution successfully will need the professional legal knowledge, skills and experience of a legal specialist. Putting up a poor defence will only increase the odds of an unwanted outcome and the maximum penalties being imposed.

Each stage of the criminal case is expertly represented

Investigating and prosecuting a criminal case is a long-drawn process. Depending on the nature of the allegation and strength of the accusation, there is the interview at the police station to consider and then the arrest, preliminary hearing and trial amongst other processes to face. A dedicated criminal offence solicitor will be familiar with each of these stages and know to manage them in the client’s best interests.

Gathering evidence, challenging the prosecution’s arguments and questioning witnesses are just some of the expertise an experienced solicitor brings to their client’s defence.

A person being accused of a criminal allegation can unwittingly incriminate themselves with statements that they may think are in their interests. This is why having a solicitor experienced in defending criminal charges is highly recommended as the police are not always upfront with all the details of the case. A criminal solicitor present will ensure that they are in possession of all the relevant information and can instruct the accused on what should be said to the police.

For a criminal offence solicitor who will represent your case with a solid strategic defence, please get in touch with us at ABV Solicitors.

ABV Solicitors, providing a criminal solicitor you can count on

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