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Why do you need a top criminal solicitor for serious crime allegations?
14 Apr 2023

Murder and manslaughter are some of the most serious crimes that you can be accused of and it is essential that you have a top criminal solicitor from one of the leading firms of solicitors to defend your case. Here in the UK if you are found guilty of committing murder then you may have to spend the rest of your life in prison. If you are found guilty of manslaughter then this will have a lesser sentence, however it can still destroy the rest of your life. It is important that you speak to us at ABV Solicitors immediately. Whether you believe that you may have been involved in criminal activity, you have been placed under arrest or you have been called in for questioning, you need to contact us and ask for a criminal solicitor to be delegated to your case. The police station can provide a duty solicitor who is available 24-hours a day and independent of the police, or they can contact the defence solicitor call centre (DSCC). We recommend that you ask to speak to us for the best legal representation.

Police station assistance

Here at ABV Solicitors we provide a 24-hour telephone service. If you are arrested in the middle of the night then it is important that you ask to speak to our criminal solicitor before speaking to anyone else. You must not panic, because if you do so you may incriminate yourself further. We understand that this could be one of the most traumatic situations that you have ever found yourself in, especially if you do not have experience dealing with the law previously, but it is essential that you keep calm and ask to be put in touch with our solicitor as soon as possible. We will provide representation at the police station. We will buy you time to calm yourself, collect your thoughts and tell us your version of events. We will find out the police’s version of events and we will find out exactly what you are being accused of so that we can prepare you for the interview. In some cases you may have no recollection of the offence and be unable to provide an accurate account, In this case we may advise that you remain silent after which we can discuss the matter in more detail, offering you further legal advice and greater clarification. We are here to act in your best interests, therefore, the more information that you can share with us the better defence we will be able to prepare for you.

Top representation in court

Murder and manslaughter are indictable offences which means that they can only be dealt with in a Crown Court. We will contact witnesses and experts to challenge the evidence that the prosecution is presenting against you. We will ensure that you receive a fair trial and actively defend you to the best of our ability, using our extensive knowledge and experience as well as with the help of leading barristers, forensic experts and the King’s Counsel. Our aim will be to prove that the prosecution’s evidence does not show that you were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, if you are found guilty or plead guilty then we will try our best until the very end to reduce your sentence and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

The importance of a criminal solicitor whilst dealing with murder

The role of a criminal solicitor in murder or manslaughter cases