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What to consider when choosing a criminal solicitor
20 Jun 2022

It is easier in this day and age to align with the right type of criminal solicitor for your particular situation. Law firms wishing to retain the loyalty of their clients must deliver in a few key areas of practice. Thanks to advancements in digital technologies, clients are better informed than ever before.

At ABV Solicitors, we have also noticed that clients know what they want and need from their solicitors, so they expect more from the legal services they receive. Clients are no more prepared to remain loyal to subpar customer service and are quite willing to move away for better representation.

What do discerning clients look for when choosing their criminal solicitor? Here are a few non-negotiable characteristics that increase the chances of the best possible outcome.

Key deliverables clients look for in their solicitors

Ultimately, it is certain traits and qualities in a criminal solicitor that will dictate how the defence of your case will be managed. The following are some of the top areas of concern clients look for when evaluating legal practitioners.

Clients want their problems solved

Solving their problem is a top priority for the client – getting the best result possible. A solicitor who is approachable makes it a lot easier to have open and honest conversations to manage expectations.

Clients want their needs understood

An essential part of excellent service is to understand the client’s individual needs; this is the best way of ensuring the solicitor works in the best interest of the client.

Clients look for good communication skills

A large part of the duties of a solicitor involves both excellent written and oral communication skills. A solicitor who can explain complex legal information in a succinct and clear manner is preferred over one who leaves a client confused about their case or the processes it is to follow.

Clients look for an out-of-the-box thinker

In many cases, planning a successful defence against criminal charges requires a few creative thinking skills. It is often that the easiest course of action is not always the most suitable or the best to go with. In putting forward a strategic defence, a solicitor will need to outmanoeuvre and outsmart the opposition; experience and expertise will play an influential role here.

It needs no saying that a solicitor must have a personable nature; a legal practitioner who is responsive and keeps to their promises is more than likely to secure a positive outcome as well as a satisfactory client experience.

Far from being an old-fashioned approach, meeting a solicitor in person offers a few advantages. Firstly, it is the most reliable way to gauge confidence in a solicitor’s abilities (how knowledgeable they are, how well they communicate and how approachable they are).

To discuss your unique situation with an expert criminal solicitor, please reach out to us at ABV Solicitors. We are a top team of trusted, talented and well-experienced criminal solicitors. We will be more than happy to schedule an appointment so that we can discuss your needs and the right way forward to help you obtain the desired outcome.

What qualities to look for in a criminal solicitor

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