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Things to consider when hiring a Criminal Solicitor
07 Apr 2021

Why is it beneficial to hire a Solicitor rather than represent yourself?

When facing potential charges it is vital to have legal jargon knowledge and understanding of how the processes work. By having representation from an experienced Solicitor from the outset you will be giving yourself the best chance at putting this to rest. Understanding each step of the processes from start to finish ensures that each step is dealt with effectively and efficiently, in turn, this reduces or eliminates the possibilities of mistakes or loopholes occurring. Whilst representing yourself may be the cheaper option on a financial basis the long term implications could result in being a lot more costly in a variety of other ways.

The reputation of the Law firm.

When there is a need to be represented by a Criminal Solicitor it is extremely important to ensure that you have found the best person to represent you from the very beginning. This means finding a law firm and Crime Solicitor with the relevant knowledge combined with the experience in the field to support the knowledge gained. By having this combination supporting you from the outset you are setting yourself up to succeed and the way your case is handled from the outset has a substantial impact on the end result.

The experience of the Solicitor.

Whilst the reputation of the law firm connected to your Solicitor is important, the knowledge and experience of the individual set to represent you are more important. Whilst everyone has to start somewhere if you are facing serious allegations which could result in consequences such as jail time you will not want an inexperienced junior solicitor representing you on their own. Therefore doing your research into who in particular you are hiring is extremely important. In order to discover as much as you can about the individual Solicitor, you will need to find information about them including testimonials and evidence of cases. With modern technology, the majority of this information can be found online in a variety of places including on their websites. Once you have this information behind you you can specify to the law firm the exact Criminal Solicitor you would like to represent you.

When is the right time to hire a Solicitor?

As soon as you are aware you may be facing arrest or criminal charges it is important to do the background work mentioned above on your Solicitor. Once the arrest takes place you should contact your Solicitor and have them join you from the start of the process. This will enable them to work proactively and efficiently on your behalf and in some cases throw the allegations out of the window before they manage to detrimentally impact your daily life. This proactive approach can be the deciding factor as to the end result and as to whether the allegations are squashed before a case is formed.

For those looking for representation urgently please call our offices on 0344 587 9996 which are available 24 hours a day, alternatively for those with a general enquiry please drop us an email via our website.

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