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The role of a criminal solicitor in murder or manslaughter allegations
27 Jan 2023

If you have been charged or arrested for murder or manslaughter it is essential that you speak to us at ABV Solicitors so that we can delegate a criminal solicitor to represent you immediately. Here at the practice we are highly experienced in dealing with criminal defence cases and seeing them through from the investigation stage into court. We deal with different types of offences of this severity and from our knowledge and expertise we advise that you seek legal representation immediately to prevent implicating yourself any further. You may find that you have been charged as an individual or as part of a group. Whether this is a false accusation or you have been involved in criminal activity our specialist criminal solicitor is here to build a strong defence for you.

Why choose ABV Solicitors?

If you are accused of murder or manslaughter this will dictate the rest of your life. Here at ABV Solicitors we have been recognised as a leading firm in criminal law by the Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners and this year we have been recognised as one of the best law firms of 2022 by The Times. We are well aware that murder and manslaughter allegations require the highest level of skill, experience and understanding and we provide expert representation for all our cases. We have experience in dealing with gang-related murder, domestic and honour killings, honey trap murder, contract killings and discrimination murder. We will build a defence with the help of the most experienced and renowned barristers, KCs and experts in the country to represent you anywhere in the UK or internationally if necessary. In high profile cases we will try our best to maintain your privacy from the media for as long as possible.

If you are arrested or interviewed under caution then it is important that you do not speak to the authorities until our criminal solicitor is present. We will be able to buy you time to collect your thoughts and your emotions and we will explain which questions you are free to answer and which questions you need to avoid. This will help prevent you implicating yourself in the case any further. We will help you understand the evidence that the police and prosecution are presenting against you and we will gather as much evidence and speak to as many witnesses as we can to support your case. We will seek expert reports to challenge the evidence brought against you. Throughout the process we are here to provide legal advice, support, protection and representation to the best of our ability.

Implications of murder and manslaughter

Here in the UK if a person is found guilty of murder then the court must issue them with a life sentence. With manslaughter there is no mandatory sentence although a judge can impose a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, however the average prison sentence typically ranges from 2 to 10 years. You cannot deal with this alone. Speak to us at ABV Solicitors today and let us delegate a top criminal solicitor to your case who will be with you at every stage of the process to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

How can a criminal solicitor help with a murder charge?

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