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The role of a criminal solicitor in defending murder
08 Jul 2022

One of the most substantive crimes in criminal law is murder. It is dealt with severely in any court of law, and if anyone is found guilty of murder in the UK, then they will receive a mandatory life sentence.

Here at ABV Solicitors, we are one of the leading defence solicitors in the country. We are experienced in defending the whole spectrum of criminal allegations and will be able to provide representation by delegating a top criminal solicitor for your case. We have significant experience in representing murder and manslaughter allegations. Our criminal solicitor has a high level of skill, experience and understanding for defending murder allegations, and we are regularly involved in high-profile cases, including gang-related murders, revenge murders, domestic and honour killings and many others.

Conditions of a murder allegation

To be accused of murder, you must be of a sound mind and unlawfully kill another human whilst under the Queen’s peace with the intention to kill or cause grievous bodily harm. If you have been accused of murder, we will delegate a leading criminal solicitor to your defence. It is essential that you consult us immediately. The police will inform you of your right to have a solicitor present, and you need to ask to be put into contact with our criminal solicitor who will accompany you to the police station. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will speak to you and find out as much information as we can to defend your case to the best of our abilities from the start. We will speak to the police and learn the details of the allegation, and this will help us put together your defence.

Consequences of a murder allegation

Due to the nature of the crime, murder can only be tried on indictment at the Crown Court, and the judge has the widest range of sentencing powers available to them. The rules are different in respect of those under the age of 18, and we will deal with these cases in a sensitive manner.

Our criminal solicitor has experience in defending murder allegations in the Crown Court, and we will put together a strong defence to achieve a positive outcome for your case. We have experience in dealing with high-profile murder cases across the country, and we will assess your situation and search for reasonable ways to justify your actions, such as issues of insanity, provocation, self-defence, diminished responsibility or joint enterprise.

Our criminal defence solicitor will aim to prove that the death occurred as a result of manslaughter rather than murder. Manslaughter is dealt with less severely than murder, and there is no mandatory sentence in comparison to a murder charge. In this way, we will be able to reduce the penalty or the sentencing to your advantage. Contact us at ABV Solicitors immediately and ask for our assistance or discuss your case with us. By involving us from the onset, you can allow us to achieve a positive outcome for you.

Access legal support in your time of need with the help of our criminal solicitor

Understanding murder and manslaughter allegations with the help of your criminal solicitor