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Six best professional traits of a criminal solicitor
26 Feb 2021

Many major movies feature high-profile lawyers in the courtroom using compelling scenes to prove an accused’s innocence.

The reality isn’t nearly so clear-cut, and not all defendants go to trial. In this article, we’ll discuss the qualities an excellent criminal solicitor possesses to help keep you out of the courtroom, or if that’s not possible, to ensure that you’re privy to a fair hearing.


The professional protecting your legal rights, building your defence, and representing you needs to be a criminal law specialist, not a divorce solicitor with limited exposure to cases similar to yours. Here at ABV Solicitors we can provide the expertise you require.


Find a legal professional with several years of experience under his or her belt who defends your case confidently, knows which defence works best for you based on prior knowledge, and provides you with sound legal advice.

Having to spend thousands on legal fees might not be ideal or even fair in your eyes, especially if you consider yourself innocent. Still, it’s better than having to deal with the repercussions of hiring someone inexperienced and cheaper who can’t really deal with your case, or landing up in jail.

Excellent communication skills

A criminal solicitor is portrayed as an excellent and confident speaker in court who thinks quickly on their feet. However, that’s not all they do.

These excellent verbal skills are used to negotiate terms and conditions with the prosecution, not to mention that simplifying complicated legal jargon and procedures to clients forms part of their skills repertoire.

Solicitors are also trained to be great listeners, this helps by hearing your full story and, therefore, devising the best strategy for the case and the best ways of moving forward.

Additionally, a criminal solicitor who can sit back and listen to your queries and concerns and appears to have your best interests at heart shows he or she’s approachable and trustworthy.

Being an excellent communicator also means complete transparency where you’re provided with honest accounts and advice about your case.


Being accused of a crime, particularly if it’s a serious accusation, is a highly sensitive matter.

Therefore, confidentiality is vital. No personal information is shared with external sources during the investigation.

Be personally involved

Being personally involved means taking accountability for every case and its outcome. With that in mind, a lawyer will do his best to get his or her defendant acquitted, found innocent of the charges, or receive a fair punishment if found guilty of wrongdoing.

A lawyer who doesn’t show this level of commitment or only performs his role for the paycheck doesn’t have his or her client’s best interests at heart.

Any good lawyer will be concerned about his client’s safety, empathise and understand the allegations on the defendant’s personal and professional life, and care about the direction in which the case is taking.

Preparation and representation

Should your case go to trial, your crime solicitor must compile a thoroughly detailed file, and consider all possible defences.

During this period, your lawyer might talk to eyewitnesses, collect evidence and expert accounts that help to strengthen your defence. Evidence includes documents, such as emails or tangible objects such as clothing.

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