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Our criminal solicitors are here to help you
10 Jul 2020

The modern field of criminal law can be extremely difficult to navigate for many of our clients which is why our experienced and friendly team of legal professionals are here to support you at every stage of the process! Our fantastic team of criminal solicitors is not only working with cases nationally, but also with legal clients on an international scale (which we believe speaks for itself).

Why choose our criminal solicitors?

Many of our potential clients may be conflicted between law firms within the local area which is why we display a wide array of positive feedback on our website. Our solicitors are regarded as the UK’s leading criminal defence specialists with an impressive reputation. We understand that positive reviews are now becoming invaluable within the modern industry, which is why we wish to assure our clients that they are making the right decision.

Gaining an alternative perspective

Despite our positive reputation on a national and international scale, we know that many individuals may value previous clients testimonials and that is why we choose to show them off! Just one example of our positive reviews states that the head of department for our criminal law team (Akhtar Ahmad) is able to work well within stressful legal situations.

What is criminal law?

Criminal law refers to the field of legal work that aims to resolve a full range of criminal allegations. We understand that being accused of a criminal offence can not only affect your professional career (such as losing your job) but it can also affect several aspects of your personal life. With this in mind, we aim to intervene in our clients’ legal cases at the earliest possible stage as we believe this leads to the best possible outcome, and allows our team to support you at the earliest stages of the legal process.

A few examples of our previous legal cases

If our impressive legal services look like something that could work for your unique legal case then you may wish to view the previous successful criminal cases our team has successfully resolved. Located on the ‘criminal law’ section of our website we present an extensive list of the criminal cases that may apply to your unique legal altercation, such as money laundering, terrorism, serious drug offences, and restraint orders, to name just a few examples.

Placing you at the top of our priority list

Our highly skilled team of legal professionals not only offer our clients a wealth of experience, however, they also hold a passion for everything they do! Our fantastic legal team not only consists of four knowledgeable solicitors but it also boasts three directors (including our head of department).

How to fund your legal case

Many of our clients who have never previously sought legal intervention may be unsure of how to fund our legal services. Our experienced team not only works with clients on a private basis (where individuals choose to fund their private cases, in order to gain greater legal flexibility) however we also help our clients who are seeking legal aid. In addition to private funding and legal aid, many of our clients may also cover their legal costs with an insurance provider.

When should you contact a criminal solicitor?

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