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Need some advice after being arrested? Our criminal solicitor answers your top 5 FAQs
30 Oct 2020

When you are arrested for a crime, it is likely that you will have more than a few questions that you want to have answered. Will I go to prison? How will this affect my job? What will happen to my family?

You may also feel that the world is against you, even if you know you have not committed the offence that you are accused of. While it may feel tempting to avoid seeking legal advice based on your innocence, this is not recommended and can actually be detrimental in the long-term, even if you are released without charge. Indeed, hiring a legal representative as early as possible can reduce your stay in the police station and can actually go a long way to having the charges against you dropped.

At ABV Solicitors, we can help you. If you have been arrested, contact our criminal solicitor for advice as soon as possible; we will work tirelessly to have the charges against you dropped at the earliest convenience and will provide you with free legal advice at the police station. Our experienced criminal team will always endeavour to provide top-quality advice, without judgement or hassle.

But, back to the questions that you are likely to have! What are some of the most frequently asked questions that our criminal solicitor is asked by our clients? Read on to find out!

Do I need legal advice if I’m arrested?

In a word, yes.

Even if you know you are completely innocent, you should seek legal advice from our criminal solicitor as early as possible to prevent prolonged and unnecessary detainment.

Our team will also come to the police station where you are being held and offer you advice during the interviews that are likely to occur.

How long can the police hold me for?

In the UK, the police can legally hold you for 24 hours, provided that you have not been accused of criminal activity like terrorism. In cases involving terrorist acts, you can be legally held for up to 4 days.

Will I go to prison?

A common question which almost every client asks; the simple answer is that without reviewing your case, we don’t know.

Depending on a myriad of factors such as intent, previous history of criminal activity and mental state during the alleged activity, you may or may not be given a custodial sentence.

Am I entitled to legal advice?

Yes, you are.

Under UK law, everyone is entitled to free, legal advice and representation at the police station and so, it is worthwhile contacting our team at ABV Solicitors for advice at the earliest opportunity.

What if my case goes to court?

If your case goes to court, our team at ABV Solicitors will be able to offer you support and defence against the prosecution. If, however, you do not want to continue to work with our team, we will gladly hand over your case to another solicitors firm of your choice. Fees will apply.

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Have you been arrested for a criminal act? Your 5 FAQs answered by a criminal solicitor