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Motoring offences and criminal representation
19 Mar 2021

The average person never expects or wishes to be charged and have a court case on the horizon. But unfortunately, it happens and a motoring offence is one of the offences that can come completely out of the blue. Which will lead you to contact our criminal solicitor.

To start with, it is completely normal to feel panicked and distressed; you may be in a very serious situation and there are some long-term and life-changing ramifications. At the same time, you may be placed in a cell cut off from communication and feeling very powerless.

At this point is important to make contact with a legal representative, preferably one with expertise in this area of the law. If you are worried, try to say nothing as any statement given can be used as part of the case against you and rash statements can have big consequences.

Your rights following arrest

The day you are arrested is not going to be a happy one and getting angry, or verbally or physically abusive is not going to improve your situation. Neither is pleading or trying to ‘cut a deal.’ You need legal representation and we can help you if you contact us.

However, you have the right to:

The custody officers at the station must explain your rights to you upon arrival at the station and check that you have understood them, you will be asked to sign your name to confirm your identity is correct and you understand the full extent of your rights under arrest.

Charged or bailed

If you are charged, you will receive your charge sheet, it will display the crime that you have been charged with. Then a discussion will be made between the police and our criminal solicitor about your suitability for bail. For most motoring offences, bail would normally be permitted unless there is a history of serious crime in your past or the motoring offence includes a serious incident, such as the death of a pedestrian.

Preparing for your court date

The cost associated with a legal defence can be substantial. If necessary, we are happy to guide you through the application for legal aid, as well as financial planning and costing out the situation so you can make the appropriate financial discussions.

Court representation

You have the right to represent yourself, but this is not advised. The chances of a successful outcome are much lower with self-representation. The law is a big subject and we have staff with the range of expertise and breadth of knowledge to pair you with a criminal solicitor who is familiar with the nature of your case and the charges held against you.


If you are pre-trial, you may be hoping to have this resolved soon. If you feel a ruling has been made incorrectly, an appeal process will be our next step.

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