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Meet our experienced team of criminal solicitors
07 Aug 2020

Many of our potential clients may be interested to know who will be working on their unique legal case, whilst taking this into account, at ABV solicitors we display many of our key individuals on our website. Akhtar Ahmad could be argued as a key asset to our criminal solicitors’ team, not only serving as a director Akhtar has been described as offering a wealth of experience within the field of ‘money laundering matters’ in addition to ‘crossover immigration fraud’. Aside from our director we also play host to six additional legal professionals (all of which possess experience when acting as criminal solicitors).

Guiding you throughout the entire legal process

Being involved within an accusation can be extremely stressful (and therefore daunting) for many of our clients which is why our friendly team of legal professionals are here to assist you at every stage of the legal process!

Our unique legal approach

Aside from offering a professional perspective to every case our team approaches (such as offering sound legal advice to all of our clients) we also treat every legal case as completely unique. Our firm’s positive reputation allows us to work with large scale clients internationally, despite this however we treat every small scale private client with the same high standard of legal attentiveness.

How to start your legal journey

Many of our potential clients (especially those who have never had to seek legal intervention in the past) may be unsure whether their unique legal case warrants a criminal solicitor. If you have been accused of a crime but are unsure of the help you need then why not get in touch with a member of our ABV solicitors team now?

Why is it so important to seek early intervention?

Being accused of any crime can not only affect our clients’ professional careers (such as putting their jobs at risk) it can also have a devastating effect on their personal relationships (such as those with family and friends). If you are experiencing emotional turmoil regarding your case we suggest you seek legal help as soon as you are physically able, this can help our team build a stronger case to defend you (whilst making the entire process run smoother).

The criminal solicitor services on offer at our firm..

If you are interested in receiving our high standard of legal care you may be wondering whether our legal team works with cases such as your own, with this in mind therefore we list a multitude of cases on our modern website. A few common examples of the criminal law our legal professionals cover include; cash seizure and forfeiture, serious drug accusations, money laundering, violent crimes, and lastly murder and manslaughter cases.

Dealing with your case with the utmost level of discretion..

Criminal law accusations can be devastating for many of our clients lives which is why we offer comprehensive legal consultations over the telephone. Our telephone appointments allow our clients to explain their case to us in greater detail, whilst being dealt with discretely.

Do you require a criminal solicitor?

How can a criminal solicitor help you?