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Curious about the role a criminal solicitor will play in your case? A guide by ABV Solicitors
15 Apr 2020

If you have ever sold a home, you know what a conveyancing solicitor can do. If you have been divorced, you are aware of the role a family or divorce solicitor has in the proceedings. But, if you have recently been accused of committing a crime, what can a solicitor do to help you? Don’t they just show up in court and stand next to you?

In the UK, criminal law covers a wide area of activities and so, it can be a bit of a minefield to navigate, especially if you don’t have a degree in law or have never been through the legal system before! Therefore, it is vital that the moment you are accused of criminal activity, guilty or not, that you contact a solicitor for advice and representation.

But what can a criminal solicitor actually do? At ABV Solicitors, our team are specialists in criminal law and can guide you through the entire process with confidence and expertise. We pride ourselves on our aggressive defence of our clients and are proud of our team’s combined knowledge. When you choose ABV for your criminal defence, you choose a truly dedicated team.

Right, back to the initial question; what can a criminal solicitor do to help you? Read on to find out!


At ABV Solicitors, when you initially contact our team, the first thing we will do is offer you advice. While this may sound obvious, the advice in criminal law can change the tide of how the police manage your case and whether or not you have to attend court. Indeed, any criminal solicitor firm should offer you advice twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and at ABV, we do just that!


Back to the image of the solicitor standing next to you in a courtroom. When it comes to legal representation, our team at ABV Solicitors will attend police stations, courtrooms and anywhere in between to represent you against the allegations. We will answer questions for you in the police station with precision, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. We will proactively defend your viewpoint and will always aim to reduce any sentence which is, or is going to be, imposed.


As soon as you call our team, we will begin building a case for your defence. This may include reviewing your case file, looking through video evidence and interviewing witnesses. Once again, this is all to build your defence against the courts and sentencing authorities.

Sentence reduction

Any solicitor worth their salt will aim to reduce any imposed sentence. In court, we will always try to have your sentence or other punishments reduced. Be aware though, that this may not be possible with the more serious criminal offences.


Whether you are innocent or not, going through a criminal accusation case is far from easy. Our team at ABV Solicitors will support you and your family through these proceedings and will try to ensure that there are no lasting repercussions after your sentence.

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