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Been arrested for a violent crime and confused as to why? A guide from our criminal solicitor at ABV

14 December 2020


Have you recently been accused of committing a violent crime? Are you unsure as to why you have been arrested when nobody was injured?

In the UK, criminal law covers a wide area and is primarily designed to ensure that the victims of criminal acts are protected against the crime from recurring.

However, with so many people assuming that a criminal or violent act has to involve physical violence, it can be somewhat confusing if you are arrested for simply having a heated argument with a family member.

Regardless of the issues surrounding your arrest, our criminal solicitor at ABV solicitors will defend your case. We are the leading firm for criminal defence and will aim to ensure that any punishment you receive is non-custodial. We pride ourselves on our high success rate related to the dropping of criminal charges and will work around the clock to prove your innocence.

But, reflecting on the initial scenario, why would you be arrested for having an argument? What actions are considered a violent crime in the UK? Our criminal solicitor offers a brief guide below.

Verbal threats

During the heat of an argument, many people say things they don’t mean.

And if you were engaged in a particularly heated argument with a friend, family member or someone who had wronged you which led to you threatening violence, that could very well be why you have been detained.

If this is the case, contact our criminal solicitor immediately for advice and defence during police interviews.


Of course, if someone has been physically assaulted, this constitutes a violent crime.

However, if the assault was accidental or was used in self-defence, then our team will be able to have any charges removed or lessened based on your statement.

Gun and knife crime

In the UK, guns are technically illegal, but in recent years there has been an increase in gun-related crime despite this.

If you or someone you know has threatened someone else with a gun or a knife (even if it didn’t touch them and it wasn’t used in self-defence) then that is an arrestable and very serious offence.

Domestic violence

One of the most common and most saddening examples of violent crime in the UK is domestic violence or domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse is not necessarily physical, but to be charged with a violent act in relation to domestic abuse, you must have either threatened or committed a violent act, used a gun or knife to intimidate someone that you reside with, or threatened/committed sexual violence towards them.

Alcohol and drug-related violence

The old standby of, “Oh, they were drunk, they didn’t mean it”, is no longer an excuse under UK law when it comes to violence or threatening to commit certain acts.

If there were witnesses who saw or heard you committing a violent act while under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drugs, then you will be arrested, and may receive a custodial sentence based on their testimony or evidence.

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