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A guide from our criminal solicitor on modern slavery
15 Apr 2022

It is a practice that there have been multiple wars over globally and a practice that most people think doesn’t exist anymore; slavery.

But, in 2022, slavery still occurs in all parts of the globe, with the most well-known examples involving human trafficking, sexual slavery, forced labour, and forced early marriages.

If you have been involved inadvertently with people who have been accused of slavery, or you have been accused yourself, this is a very serious offence and you will need expert help.

Our criminal solicitor at ABV Solicitors will be able to help you build a case for your defence, and will work tirelessly to ensure that any accusation of slavery against you is explored and that the charges are dropped if possible.

But what are some of the different types of slavery that exist in the UK and globally? If you have been accused of any, you will want to read the following brief guide from our criminal solicitor relating to this issue.

Remember, if you have been arrested for any kind of modern slavery, this is not a matter to be taken lightly, so call our team ASAP.

Human trafficking

According to our criminal solicitor, one of the most common forms of slavery is that of human trafficking.

This is one of the more serious types of slavery (although they are all considered very serious), as it typically involves coercion, threats, violence, and planning to recruit others to abduct people. These people are usually exploited and forced into prostitution, labour, marriage, criminal activities such as drug smuggling, and even organ removal.

If you have been accused of being involved in human trafficking, we urge you to seek advice from our criminal solicitor at ABV Solicitors.

Debt bondage/bonded labour

This is the world’s most widespread type of slavery and is linked to people being trapped in poverty, and forced to work to pay off loans.

However, in most instances, the work is either illegal, hazardous, or results in the person being used as a slave losing control of either their home or the conditions of the ‘debt’ leading to a spiral that they cannot escape from.

Descent-based slavery

This is the most traditional form of slavery and sadly, is still rather commonplace.

The person who is treated as a slave is treated as property, can be bought and sold at the ‘owner’s’ whim, and is passed down via the maternal line.

In most cases, these people live in substandard housing, eat poor diets, and have poor health.

Slavery of children

This is one of the more emotive forms of slavery that exist in the world, for obvious reasons.

A child will be exploited for the gain of someone else, including being trafficked, used as a soldier, being married, or will be used as a domestic slave.

Forced or early marriages

Another form of slavery that can be conducted on either children or adults is that of forced marriages.

As mentioned earlier, children can be forced into underage marriages and this is considered slavery. The same can be said around the globe for most forced marriages, irrespective of age.

If you have been accused of being involved in any of these kinds of slavery, please seek legal advice from our team without delay.

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