COVID-19 and Prisons. Is there a way out for vulnerable prisoners?

Justice scales

Article by: Deepak Vij and Katherine Higgs As the ongoing panic about the spread of COVID-19 continues across the globe many people are working from home and self-isolating with friends and family. Perversely ‘isolation’ is playing out rather differently inside UK prisons. The virus is spreading at an alarming rate, with 247,806 confirmed cases in…

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Suspended Sentence

Rohit Sharma secures a suspended sentence for our client facing money laundering charges. Conspiracy to commit fraud dropped after a successful application to dismiss. Joe Hingston of Carmelite Chambers instructed.

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Acquittal: “People Smuggling”

Taimoor Tarafdar and Rohit Sharma secure an acquittal for our client after two trials who was alleged to have participated in a people smuggling operation. Case was investigated by the UK Border Agency. Paul Crampin from Carmelite Chambers was instructed.

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EURIBOR AND LIBOR: Defending Prosecutions by the SFO

Article by: Deepak Vij Amirah Ajaz   Since 2015 the Serious Fraud Office has brought a series of prosecutions alleging the manipulation and rigging of the EURIBOR (the Euro Inter Bank Offered Rate) and LIBOR (“London Interbank Offered Rate”) indexes. The investigations have led to the arrest and charging of a large number of senior…

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Overseas Production Orders

Article by: Taimoor Tarafdar   The Crime (Overseas Production Orders) Act 2019 received Royal Assent on 12th February 2019, which introduces a new tool for overseas evidence gathering for criminal investigation bodies: The Overseas Production Order (OPO).   Hitherto overseas evidence gathering has been dealt with predominantly using mutual legal assistance from external countries. The…

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