Sentence – New Law: Serve half or Two-Thirds?

Supreme Court

Article by: Zaki Hashmi The Release of Prisoners (Alteration of Relevant Proportion of Sentence) Order 2020 came into force on 1 April 2020 and has changed the basis on which certain prisoners are released from custody. The new provisions apply to specific offences of a violent or sexual nature for which the maximum sentence is…

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End the uncertainty caused by long police investigations

Advice at the Police Station

Article by: Claire Anderson. Leaving suspects in the dark for years can destroy lives – our justice system must unite for change. Waiting for results is stressful, whether it be for medical tests or exams, indeed anything that will have an impact on one’s life and future. Imagine a serious sexual allegation is made against…

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The Sharp End of the Law? Knife Crime Prevention Orders

Article by: Alice Brackenbury   A glance at any current news source reveals rising government and public concern about knife crime. The latest government proposal to tackle knife crime has, however, provoked widespread criticism. Under the Offensive Weapons Bill 2017-19 as currently drafted, Knife Crime Prevention Orders are civil orders which, it is proposed, could…

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‘Upskirting’ to be made a criminal offence

Article by: Shaheen Rahman   An issue which has received substantial press coverage in recent weeks is one of ‘upskirting’. Under English law there are no specific offences of upskirting (despite it being an offence in Scotland) and such cases have been prosecuted in the past as offences of outraging public decency. This issue was…

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Police Voluntary Interviews – Protect Yourself

Police - Scotland Yard

Article by: Claire Anderson   As the result of a change in the regulations relating to police bail in April 2017, the Police are now choosing to invite a large number of suspects in an investigation to attend what is called a ‘voluntary interview’ or what the police call a ‘caution plus 3’ interview. This…

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Legal Professional Privilege – SFO v ENRC


Article by: Zaki Hashmi   Introduction The Court of Appeal’s recent judgment in Director of the Serious Fraud Office v Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation Limited [2018] EWCA Civ 2006 has been welcomed by the legal profession and is of benefit to all organisations potentially facing criminal investigation. This article sets out to explain how this…

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Anonymity for suspects?

Anonymous person silhouette

Article by: Zaki Hashmi   Following the “drone” incident at Gatwick airport over Christmas 2018, when the arrest of two suspects led to widespread media coverage, there have been renewed calls for an anonymity law preventing the identification of suspects who have been arrested but not charged with a criminal offence. Paul Gait and Elaine…

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From Police “Bail” to “Released Under Investigation”

Advice at the Police Station

Article by: Rishi Verma   Since the 3rd of April 2017 there has been a substantial shift in the law surrounding investigations. After being arrested a suspect would face one of three scenarios; charged with an offence, no further action or, most frequently, bailed to return to the police station on another date. A bail…

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Fighting Injustice at the Police Station and in Court

Law courts London United Kingdom

Article by: Akhtar Ahmad   With over 5 million crimes reported, Government figures from last year confirmed that in the year ending March 2017, 780,000 arrests were made by the Police in England and Wales which is half the figure it was 10 years ago. Whilst arrests by the Police are dropping significantly, “Voluntary Interviews”…

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