Akhtar Ahmad


Akhtar has specialised in Criminal Defence work since 1994 and is a Higher Court Solicitor Advocate. He has considerable experience dealing with the full spectrum of criminal matters ranging from general criminal allegations and minor road traffic offences to the most serious and complex cases of International Fraud, Extradition, Murder and Terrorism.

Whilst advocacy is an important aspect of Akhtar’s practice, case preparation and case management in complex cases is also a significant area of expertise. In particular Akhtar has experience in dealing with complex Restraint Orders and Confiscation Orders.

Akhtar has represented those charged with high profile allegations of Terrorism (VHCC), Murder (VHCC) and International Fraud (VHCC). He is registered with the Legal Services Commission as a Grade A Supervisor, approved to handle the most serious and complex criminal cases.

Akhtar’s clients come from all walks of life. He has advised and defended Company Directors, Accountants, Senior Members of the Medical Profession, Broadcasters and Journalists, Police Officers and a Peer of the Realm.

Whilst Criminal Defence work makes up the majority of his practice, Akhtar has also prosecuted on behalf of Government Agencies such as the Department of Business Innovation and Enterprise (DBIS) formerly known as DBERR & DTI as well as Local Authorities and regulatory authorities such as OFCOM.

As President of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association (LCCSA) Akhtar is actively involved in representing the interests of Solicitors and associated members who practice Criminal Law in London. Through the LCCSA, Akhtar directly contributes to government consultations on changes to the Criminal Justice System and meets with Government Ministers, senior members of the Judiciary and others who influence Policy.

A member of a number of Human Rights organisations, Akhtar is committed to using the legal system to fight injustice committed against individuals or groups whether at home or abroad.

Professional Memberships
  • President of the LCCSA (London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association)
  • Assessor on the Examining Board of Swansea University
  • Amnesty International
  • Liberty
  • Justice

Associated Cases

Operation Examine – Woolwich Crown Court 2012

Multi handed high profile Terrorism trial alleging a plot to carryout attacks in greater numbers than 7/7. Knowledge of surveillance and intelligence evidence

Operation Doberman – Manchester Crown Court 2015

Following the convictions of a number of family members for the importation of heroin and conspiracy to handle stolen goods namely stolen and or fraudulent passports and visa, this investigation was conducted into the finances of 11 Defendants. The individuals faced allegations of Conspiracy to Launder Money over an almost 10 year period and were said to have dissipated their assets at the point of a family members arrest or confiscation proceedings. The value of the fraud was in the region of £1 million. The case is linked to Operation Cadmus, Operation Shoreham and Operation Muscadet.

Operation Lemondrop – Reading CC 2013

Husband and wife charged with Cheating the Public Revenue over a period of 15 years for a vast amount of money. The couple have also been charged with Benefit fraud, which involves a large police investigation including undercover surveillance.

Operation Arcadia – Old Bailey 2011

Successfully represented client facing allegation of a Large scale, multi handed counterfeit fraud related to the manufacture, supply and distribution of a vast quantity of counterfeit DVDs by a sophisticated organised crime group. The investigation was conducted by the City Of London police. The value of the criminal enterprise was estimated to be in excess of £ 1 million. Our client was acquitted.

Operation Singapore – Croydon Crown Court 2010

Described as the most serious breach of the medicines control regime in the EU with far reaching effects. Represented the CEO of International Pharmaceutical Company based in England who was investigated over 2 years by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and is accused of conspiring to illegally import and distribute millions of pounds worth of counterfeit medicine used to treat life threatening illnesses. The case involved links with high profile FBI prosecution in the USA. The Defendant we represented was successfully acquitted at his trial.

Operation Look-in – Southwark Crown Court 2009

Represented an accountant accused of a large scale Mortgage Fraud involving the certification of numerous self-certified mortgages.

Operation G – Old Bailey 2013

Currently represent Defendant in SCD1 investigation into murder which occurred in East London. Multi-handed case in which some defendants have links to high profile celebrities and as a result this case has attracted a great deal of media interest.

Operation Gladesville – Old Bailey 2012

Represented one of two defendants charged with the murder of another young male after a drunken brawl resulted in death. Case raised issues of joint enterprise and causation.

Operation Gabanintha – Old Bailey 2012

Multi-handed allegation of Murder and Conspiracy to Murder. Successfully represented client accused of murdering his wife and thereafter fleeing abroad after the family house was set on fire to allegedly destroy the evidence and body. Case against client formally dismissed following submissions after the jury heard the Prosecution case.

Operation Gindalbie – Central Criminal Court 2011

Represented Defendant accused of double murder at a Heathrow Hotel. The case involved the instruction of specialist psychiatrists and psychologists along with extensive defence forensic enquiries.

Operation Coal – Reading Crown Court 2011

Successfully represented Defendant charged with Conspiracy to Murder which was alleged to have involved sustained retribution attack including a shooting incident and arson by a number of defendants following a serious assault in the Slough area on one of their friends. Application to dismiss the case successful in respect of our client.

Operation Emmelsville – Central Criminal Court 2010

Successfully represented defendant who faced allegation that he murdered one man and assaulted two others in a fight outside a pub in Ealing. After trial he was acquitted of all charges.

Operation Cherrytree – Old Bailey 2009

Successfully represented Defendant who was accused of Murder and Attempted Murder during a double shooting incident in Peckham. Investigated by Operation Trident officers, it was alleged that this was an execution style killing of fellow drug dealers leaving the survivor with a bullet lodged in his neck. Case involved flawed Identification Parade procedure along with extremely complex cell site and forensic evidence. Utilising information obtained from the FBI and elsewhere around the world we were able to present to the jury a more complete picture of the character of the main witness. Our client was facing a life sentence with a minimum term of between 30-35 years had he been convicted.

R v O

 – Old Bailey 2008

Multi handed Conspiracy to Murder and associated Firearms offences involving the beating of a drug associate who was then shot 4 times. Client acquitted of conspiracy to murder but convicted of conspiracy to do GBH and firearms offences.

Operation Castorland

 REPORTED CASE Thomas & Ors, R v [2012] EWCA Crim 148 – Old Bailey 2008

21 – handed gang related murder and violent disorder in West London involving adults and youths aged 12. Issue of joint enterprise. We represented a 12 year old who was acquitted of murder but convicted of Manslaughter and received a 7 year sentence. Three others convicted of murder received minimum sentences of 15, 14 and 13 years respectively.

Protest Offences
Operation Cavalry – Blackfriars Crown Court 2010

Multi-handed case involved a group of 20 members of an anti-fascist group who were allegedly involved in a conspiracy to commit violence in protest at the staging of fascist concerts. The defendant we represented at trial was successfully acquitted.

Drugs Offences
Operation Wipe – Reading Crown Court 2012

Multi handed conspiracy alleged to be a nationwide commercial scale drugs operation. The drugs (Heroin) were valued at approximately £4 million. The case was investigated over a period of time using covert surveillance both audio and visual.

Operation Chester
 – Reading Crown Court 2008

33 handed Conspiracy to supply drugs in the Berkshire area.

Operation Themis
 – Harrow Crown Court 2008

19 handed conspiracy to supply drugs in Hayes. Surveillance operation involving test purchase of drugs.

Operation Phoenix – Southampton Crown Court 2008

50 handed large scale conspiracy to supply drugs in Hampshire by London gangs.

Operation Falcon
 – Reading Crown Court 2007

Multi handed conspiracy to supply quarter of a million pounds worth of class A drugs found in a residential property. At the time, the largest domestic seizure of Class A drugs in the UK. Featured in Road Wars.

Violent Crimes
Operation Cartwright – Kingston Crown Court 2005

High profile Heathrow heist namely a conspiracy to rob Swissport. The offence was committed by a number of defendants who were all arrested at the scene. The potential loss of the target cash and gold bullion was estimated at £90 million.

R v C – National Mobile Phone Crime Unit Investigation

Over 20 people arrested for an investigation concerning allegations of Conspiracy to Defraud the network service providers Vodafone, o2, EE and 3. Those at the top of the chain are said to have recruited students from universities in the UK to apply for contracts in return for a fixed sum payments. Contracts were later cancelled by the company with the mobile phones being later sold and the customer being faced the burden of the airtime contract and mobile phone.

R v K – HMRC Investigation

Investigation conducted by HM Revenue & Customs into the supply of arms and ammunition from China to Sierra Leone without the necessary trade control licence. A vast amount of the proceeds of this offence were laundered. The matter is still at investigation stage and it is understood that enquiries are ongoing by HMRC both in the UK and Europe.