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Our sexual offence solicitor is there for you when you really need them

05 May 2021


It can shatter someone’s entire life when they are wrongly accused of being involved in a sexual offence. At ABV Solicitors we understand how sensitive these cases can be and will be working closely within a team to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for you. We understand that being accused of an offence of this nature can not only damage your own personal reputation, but can cause problems for your business as well as within your family unit. If you find yourself facing allegations of this nature then we urge you to arrange an appointment with our sexual offence solicitor as soon as possible so you can discuss your case with them and they can begin building your defence right away. This will increase your chances of getting the result that you want and could even mark the difference between getting convicted or not. Getting in touch with our solicitors for sexual offence can be done online or over the phone and you will be able to arrange an appointment for a time that is suitable for you.

Representation for a range of sexual offences

Our sexual offence solicitor is capable of helping you throughout a variety of allegations including things such as rape, child abuse and sexual exploitation as well as things such as historical sexual allegations and sexual assault. We understand that these can be delicate issues to talk about, but we will endeavour to make you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the investigation and provide you with complete confidentiality. Initially we can begin to support you as soon as you are at the police station, but we will also be able to represent you in both the Magistrates Court and Crown Court. Once you become a client with us we will be available for you to contact twenty-four hours of the day, so you can be rest assured that you will be receiving continuous support throughout your entire case.

Don’t let an allegation ruin your future

When you make the decision to speak to our sexual offence solicitor they will not only be representing you legally, but they will be trying to protect your future and your business or employment as well. Unfortunately due to the serious nature of these allegations they can often jeopardise people’s employment as well as their ability to be around children, including their own in some circumstances. We work closely with some of the country’s top forensic and medical experts, QCs and barristers too, meaning that you have not just one expert helping to build your defence but several. This is another reason why it is vital to seek legal representation as soon as you can when under investigation for sexual offences, as our team of professionals will be working hard to obtain evidence and witness statements to solidify your defence which will be more efficient the sooner they can be gathered. The evidence that we gather will be used to try and counter the allegations that have been made against  you, and this can mitigate your chances of prosecution.

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