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Confidentiality, the law and defence from our sexual offence solicitor
21 Jan 2022

Being arrested is incredibly stressful. And if you have been arrested due to an alleged sexual assault, this carries more weight than many other crimes. It can impact your family, your name and job prospects, especially if you are charged.

This is why as soon as you are arrested for sexual assault, you need to call our team.

At ABV Solicitors, our sexual offence solicitor has extensive experience in providing advice for our clients in this situation and will liaise with the police and other legal officials to have any charges against you dropped or reduced.

But you may be wondering about your confidentiality during this process. Will everyone find out about your arrest and the details of it? Here, our sexual offence solicitor answers this question and many more.

How can you protect my identity?

When you are arrested, irrespective of the crime, the police are not legally allowed to share this fact with any third party. This is a breach of your rights.

Our sexual offence solicitor is also bound by this code and will not disclose any information shared with us to a third party. Our job is to defend you and to ensure that your legal rights are met.

Will it affect my life when I am released from jail?

Any arrest or time in custody will be recorded. So this will impact your life when you leave prison if you are arrested. You will also have to sign the sexual offenders register in the UK, which can impact many areas.

But our team will aim to prevent you from receiving a custodial sentence, and should you receive one, we will aim to have it reduced so you can walk free sooner. But the signing of the sexual offence register is the law and we cannot overturn this.

Do I have to disclose my arrest to my boss?

There is no legal obligation for you to tell your boss you have been arrested. Unless it is stated in your contract that you need to do so.

It is worth noting that this may be the case depending on certain areas of work, such as working with vulnerable people or children. And of course, this can impact your job. But our team will be able to advise you on your rights when it comes to third party disclosure.

Will the newspapers find out about my arrest?

It is a concern of many clients that their arrest will become headline news. Especially if it is linked to sexual assault.

There have been many sensationalist cases of this occurring. But the police cannot disclose information relating to your case to any third parties. If you have concerns about your arrest getting released to the local media, our team can help you to begin legal proceedings if necessary to protect your identity.

When you have been accused of sexual assault, or have been arrested, please contact our professional team at ABV Solicitors. We are available to offer guidance 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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