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Prison Law

ABV Solicitors have a specialist Prison Law Department to provide prisoners with expert advice and assistance in all areas of Prison Law.

We understand that serving a custodial sentence can be a distressing and confusing time for both the prisoner and their families and our experienced and dedicated team can assist you with any issues you may have.

We are able to assist with a range of prison law issues under legal aid.

Alternatively, should you require assistance on a Prison Law issue that is not covered under legal aid, we would be happy to provide you with a private quotation.

We can assist with matters such as:


When someone is released from prison following sentence, they are released on “licence” and are supervised by an Offender Manager.

Being on licence means that the person is still serving a prison sentence but is able to live in the community instead of being in prison.

A person can find themselves recalled back to custody if they breach any of the terms of their licence.

Should this happen, the prisoner will have the opportunity to make representations to the Parole Board.

This should be done with the expert advice of a Prison Law Solicitor who can help guide the prisoner through the process of challenging the recall decision.

Independent Adjudications

Prisoners facing an adjudication before an Independent Adjudicator are entitled to oral representation under legal aid.

It is extremely important to contact a prison law solicitor as soon as possible when accused of a disciplinary offence to ensure all procedures are being followed correctly.

Even if a prisoner feels they can speak for themselves at an independent adjudication, it is important to have legal representation. In addition to facing additional days on their prison sentence, proven adjudications will remain on a prisoner’s record and can be considered at a later stage, should a prisoner be seeking a move to a less secure prison or be released into the community.

Would you attend a Magistrates’ Court alone knowing you could receive a custodial sentence?”

Our Expert Team can offer specialist advice and assistance and provide the best chance of a positive outcome at this hearing.

Parole Board Reviews

The Parole Board is an independent organisation that undertakes parole reviews.

Parole Board members undertake risk assessments and make decisions about who can safely be released to serve the remainder of their sentence in the community on licence.

Parole Reviews are held to make decisions about:

  • Whether a recalled prisoner should be released;
  • Whether an Indeterminate sentence prisoner should be released on or after the end of their tariff;
  • Other matters related to release or recall;
  • Suitability for a move to open conditions for Indeterminate Sentenced Prisoners (ISPs).

We are able to assist with Parole Reviews for:

  • Indeterminate Sentence Prisoners;
  • Extended Sentence Prisoners;
  • Recalled Determinate Sentence Prisoners

We can also advise and assist in challenging a refusal to hold an oral hearing.

Parole Board Hearings

The majority of prisoners attending a Parole Board Hearing are entitled to legal aid, to enable a Solicitor to put their case to a panel of the Parole Board.

Applying for parole can be an extremely nerve-wrecking process for a prisoner and their family.

We can provide expert legal advice and representation at the hearing to ensure the best case is put forward for parole.

We can also assist in instructing experts to challenge damaging reports. We can guide a prisoner through the types of questions a panel is likely to ask and where appropriate, challenge any negative decisions through the new provision of the Reconsideration Mechanism.

Category A Reviews

Category A prisoners are subject to the strictest regime in custody. It is therefore extremely important for those prisoners to receive expert advice and assistance in the process of recategorisation to a less secure environment in order to progress through their sentence.

Our Team can assist with preparing written representations to optimise the prospects of success before the Category A Review Team.

Should you require further assistance in relation to any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact our team on 0344 587 9996.

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