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Advice at the Police Station

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At ABV Solicitors our dedicated team offer expert advice and representation from the outset of your case

If you or a loved one are arrested or invited to attend an interview under caution you have the right to seek legal advice from a solicitor.

Interviews under caution can be carried out by a variety of authorities including but not limited to the Police, HMRC, FCA, SFO or a Local Authority.

For anyone arrested or invited to attend an interview your reputation is of paramount importance. At ABV Solicitors we recognise that quality legal advice from the outset can be the difference between being arrested and being interviewed on a voluntarily basis.

This distinction is crucial and can have an impact on your professional, and personal life. If you are arrested and bail conditions are imposed then these conditions can restrict your ability to travel.

If an investigation is pending we often contact the investigating authority and arrange a voluntary attendance on your behalf. This avoids the taking of fingerprints, photographs and DNA by the police. This also takes away the element of surprise and allows us to prepare your defence in advance of the interview.

At ABV Solicitors we believe that a case can be won or lost at the police station. How you choose to answer questions at an interview under caution often shapes the outcome of the investigation or decision to charge.

Our experienced Solicitors believe that your trial if prosecuted starts at the police station.

As a result of the cuts to legal aid funding many firms believe their job is finished after the interview until a decision is made.

After your interview under caution our team offer a bespoke service in making representations to prosecuting authorities in respect of charging decisions.

We will contact your employer and make representations on your behalf if your arrest or investigation has led to a suspension from work.

These representations have often led the prosecuting authorities to review and drop the investigation and our clients being reinstated at work.

Our dedicated team offer expert advice and representation from the outset of your case.