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Murder & Manslaughter

ABV Solicitors have a long-established reputation for excellence in successfully representing those facing murder and manslaughter allegations. These cases always require the highest level of skill, experience and understanding as murder carries the ultimate penalty of mandatory life imprisonment.

ABV Solicitors are regularly instructed in cases where clients are accused of murder or manslaughter (including corporate manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter). We provide expert representation on cases, including but not limited to allegations involving;

  • Gang related murder
  • Revenge murder
  • Domestic and honour killings
  • Honey trap murder
  • Contract killings
  • Discrimination murder

ABV Solicitors have particular expertise dealing with issues of insanity, diminished responsibility, joint enterprise, self -defence and provocation.

ABV Solicitors have represented clients in some of the most high-profile murder cases in the country including the landmark case in which “loss of self-control” was determined; R v Clinton (Jon-Jacques) Reported Case [2012] EWCA CRIM2 Reading Crown Court 2012

We work regularly with the most formidable barrister’s, QC’s and experts in the country.

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Notable Cases

R v D & Others – Ipswich Crown Court

Providing advice and assistance in relation to the preparation of a key witness statement and advising on the merits and otherwise for giving live evidence at a Murder trial involving the client’s husband and daughter.

Operation Jambles – Croydon Crown Court

This case involved two young defendants charged with manslaughter and arson, who set light to a piece of paper in a derelict house causing the death of a homeless person who had been using the building. A difficult case involving youths aged 14 and 16 years.

Operation Kallands

It is alleged that the defendant killed his wife by decapitation. They were in a volatile relationship with a history of domestic violence. The issues in the case include loss of control by the defendant and expert psychiatric evidence.

Operation Xantus – Guildford Crown Court

A highly publicised case in which the Defendant, a high-flying City Banker, faced a trial for the murder of his wife who was a successful business woman in their newly built £2 million family home. The Defendant accepted the unlawful killing of his wife but at the time of doing so, was suffering from an abnormal mental functioning of the mind. Difficult and complicated case, both emotionally and legally, which required the use of experts to determine whether the Defendant was suffering from an abnormality at the time of the unlawful killing despite considerable evidence of premeditation in the days leading up to the killing.

R v A

The defendant was acquitted of murder and found guilty of the lesser offences, following a fatal stabbing in Southall in broad daylight. The case involved detailed analysis of extensive CCTV footage, and the application of the new interpretation of ‘joint enterprise’ (R v Jogee [2016] UKSC 8) despite the Defendant standing trial alone. The case sparked media attention.

R v M-Central Criminal Court

Represented a client accused of manslaughter of his young child through force feeding.

R v A-Central Criminal Court

Acted as junior advocate successfully defending on a murder trial.

R v G – Inner London Crown Court

We represented an elderly female Defendant who approached a colleague at work and confided to them that they wanted to murder their own daughter in law. Despite the fact that the Defendant was convicted, the Judge saw fit to distinguish this Defendant from others charged with a similar offence and sentenced our client to a suspended sentence. A suspended sentence for this type of charge is not usually available and was unique in its circumstances due to the Judge learning of our client’s difficult family circumstances and the incredible stress they were under at this time.

Operation Gosasco

This case concerned allegations of attempted murder and possession of a firearm where a gang of men in two separate cars drove up behind the complainant. The passenger in the first car fired at his head and narrowly missed but was then attacked and beaten with a hammer to the face. This was a case where it was a joint enterprise attack in which the aim was to kill the complainant. 

R v NE Croydon Crown Court

This case involved 2 youths, aged 14 and 16 years accused of setting fire to a building in Croydon which resulted in the death of a homeless man. Both were convicted of manslaughter rather than murder.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-28853338

R v N Central Criminal Court

This case involved the murder of the defendant’s wife in their new family home. The Defendant accepted the unlawful killing of his wife but at the time of doing so, was suffering from an abnormal mental functioning of the mind.This was a difficult and complicated case, both emotionally and legally, which required the use of experts to determine whether the Defendant was suffering from an abnormality at the time of the unlawful killing. Doctor Joseph, a leading psychiatrist in the field was instructed on behalf of the defence.It was accepted by the jury that the defendant was suffering from an abnormality, which resulted in the Defendant being found Not Guilty of Murder but guilty of manslaughter.The Defendant was sentenced on 1st December 2016 before Guildford Crown Court to a term of life imprisonment with a minimum term of 9 years and 172 days to serve.The case received widespread coverage.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-surrey-38175597hanis

R v A Central Criminal Court

Defendant charged with murder, S18 GBH and violent disorder on new joint enterprise basis, although Defendant stood trial alone. Defendant convicted of manslaughter. 

R v N Central Criminal Court

The defendant suffered from various mental health conditions and faced several charges of attempted murder and grievous bodily harm against several police officers. Issues in the case included fitness to plead, and possible trial of issue. Defendant was detained under the Mental Health Act. Pleas negotiated and defendant received a Hospital Order. 

R v F Guilford Crown Court

This case involved allegations of attempted murder, and serious assault against the defendant’s partner, in that it was alleged as part of the prosecution case that the defendant tried to drown the victim in the bath. Defendant was acquitted as a result of the victim refusing to give evidence at trial.

Operation Chambrak – Croydon Crown Court

The Defendant was charged with the attempted murder of two individuals, one of whom suffered life changing injuries. The case was investigated by the Trident Gang Crime Command Unit. The two victims received multiple gun shot wounds at close range. The Prosecution relied upon extensive cell site and ANPR evidence.

R v O

 – Old Bailey

Multi handed Conspiracy to Murder and associated Firearms offences involving the beating of a drug associate who was then shot 4 times. Client acquitted of conspiracy to murder but convicted of conspiracy to inflict GBH level injuries and various firearms offences.

Operation Castorland

 REPORTED CASE Thomas & Ors, R v [2012] EWCA Crim 148 – Old Bailey 2008

21 – handed gang related murder and violent disorder in West London involving adults and youths aged 12. Issue of joint enterprise. We represented a 12 year old who was acquitted of murder but convicted of Manslaughter and received a 7 year sentence. Three others convicted of murder received minimum sentences of 15, 14 and 13 years respectively.

Operation Craft
 – Reading Crown Court

High profile Attempted Murder, s.18 GBH and Aggravated TWOC. The victim was scraping ice off her car windows when an attempt was made to steal the car and it was driven away. She received serious injuries as the car ran over her. Our client was the passenger.

Operation Cherrytree – Old Bailey

Successfully represented a Defendant who was accused of Murder and Attempted Murder during a double shooting incident in Peckham which was investigated by Operation Trident officers. It was alleged that this was an execution style killing of fellow drug dealers leaving the survivor with a bullet lodged in his neck. This case involved a flawed Identification Parade procedure along with extremely complex cell site and forensic evidence. Utilising information obtained from the FBI and elsewhere around the world we were able to present to the jury a more complete picture of the character of the main witness. Our client was facing a life sentence with a minimum term of between 30-35 years had he been convicted.

Operation Emmelsville – Central Criminal Court

Successfully represented a defendant who faced an allegation that he murdered one man and assaulted two others in a fight outside a pub in Ealing. After trial he was acquitted of all charges.

Operation Embry Hills – Central Criminal Court

This case involved the high profile’ Honour Killing’ in Greenford where the victim’s hand was chopped off during the assault. The Murder was alleged to be a Contract Killing, which resulted in the conviction of all the defendants including her estranged husband.

Operation Gindalbie – Central Criminal Court

Represented a Defendant accused of a double murder at a Heathrow Hotel. The case involved the instruction of specialist psychiatrists and psychologists along with extensive defence forensic enquiries.

Operation Coal – Reading Crown Court

Successfully represented a Defendant charged with Conspiracy to Murder which was alleged to have involved a sustained retribution attack including a shooting incident and arson by a number of defendants following a serious assault in the Slough area on one of their friends. Case successfully dismissed.

Operation Foreston – Central Criminal Court

Murder allegation as part of a Gangland dispute often referred to as a postcode war. The defendant is thought to be a central figure of the notorious ‘Beaumont Boys Gang’. The Prosecution in this case made a Witness Anonymity application under the provisions of section 87(1) Coroners and Justice Act 2009.

R v M – Reading Crown Court

Represented the head doorman of a nightclub in Milton Keynes who was charged with the Murder of his partner in High Wycombe.

Operation Emerich – Central Criminal Court

Represented a Defendant accused of the murder of a woman in her home, which was said to have been covered up by setting the house on fire whilst two children and the defendant were in the house. The matter proceeded to trial but the jury were unable to reach a verdict at the original trial. The client was subsequently acquitted at his re trial.

Operation Garomna – Central Criminal Court

Multi-handed Murder relates to the killing of the CEO of Sikh TV. The case attracted a vast amount of publicity. The defendant whom we represented was acquitted of murder and received a 6 years sentence for GBH.

R v S and Others – Reading Crown Court

Successfully defended a client charged with a Multi- handed Murder investigated by Thames Valley Police Major Crime Unit. It involved an Arson attack on a house in Maidenhead. We secured the acquittal of one of the defendants who had originally fled to India following the incident.

R v Clinton (Jon-Jacques) Reported case [2012] EWCA Crim 2 – Reading Crown Court 2012

Represented defendant accused of murdering his wife after he was subjected to numerous taunts, including suggestions of infidelity. The defendant was represented by another firm and convicted after raising a new partial defence of ‘loss of control’ which was withdrawn from the jury by a Judge. ABV Solicitors took over conduct for the appeal when the conviction was quashed and the court of appeal ordered a re-trial. The client subsequently pleaded to murder before the re-trial and received a reduced sentence. The case is now the leading authority on “loss of control” in murder cases.

Operation Gladesville – Old Bailey

Represented one of two defendants charged with the murder of another young male after a drunken brawl resulted in death. This case raised issues of joint enterprise and causation.

Operation Henegar – Old Bailey

Represented a Defendant in a multi-handed case where some defendants were charged with murder and fraud, whilst others were involved in a conspiracy to defraud a wealthy oil executive. Her decomposing body was found in a garage in London.

Operation Gabanintha – Old Bailey

Multi-handed allegation of Murder and Conspiracy to Murder. ABV Solicitors successfully represented the client accused of murdering his wife and thereafter fleeing abroad after the family house was set on fire in an attempt to allegedly destroy the evidence and body. The case against the client was formally dismissed following submissions after the jury heard the Prosecution case.

R v CD – Reading Crown Court

Allegation of Murder. It was said by the Prosecution that the Defendant drove into a group of males in Ascot following an earlier altercation between a group who were fighting each other.

Operation Harleston – Old Bailey

Represented a defendant who along with another were alleged to have murdered a man in New Addington.

Operation G – Old Bailey

Represented a Defendant in a SCD1 investigation into murder which occurred in East London. This was a multi-handed case in which some defendants had links to high profile celebrities and as a result this case attracted a great deal of media interest.

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