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Violent Crimes

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Operation Cavalry – Blackfriars Crown Court

Multi-handed case involved a group of 20 members of an anti-fascist group who were allegedly involved in a conspiracy to commit violence in protest at the staging of fascist concerts. The defendant we represented at trial was successfully acquitted.

R v G – Southwark Crown Court

An allegation of Assault Occasioning Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) following a large ‘brawl’ at a well-established Mayfair Club. The prosecution failed to provide all the disclosure and the evidence requested, despite numerous requests which led to the case being dismissed two days before the trial was fixed.

R v G – Guildford Crown Court

ABV represented a young male with learning difficulties involved in a multi handed kidnap where the defendants were alleged to have kidnapped a male and placed him in the boot of their car. Our client was acquitted of the kidnap.

R v C, K & Others

ABV represented two of four defendants. For offences of conspiracy to kidnap. It was alleged that £400,000 worth of jewellery was stolen and in an attempt to recover it our first client organised the kidnapping of the complainant believing that he was storing the stolen jewellery. After a lengthy trial all defendants were acquitted of […]

Operation Chrysene

This case concerned a number of Defendants who were all charged with aggravated burglary described as a “particularly nasty home invasion”. The wife and 2 children, who were inside the property at this time, were taken to the kitchen and had their hands tied and locked under the stairs cupboard. £400,000 worth of gold was […]

R v C & Others – Lewes Crown Court

This case was televised on Brighton Police and involved 6 defendants who conspired to commit a robbery motivated by revenge. This offence was arranged by the brother of our client who was serving a sentence in prison. 6 men forced their way into the victim’s home with their faces covered and with weapons where the […]

Operation Solaz – Kingston Crown Court

This case was a multi handed conspiracy which was a highly publicised case involving a cash in transit theft of a Loomis van containing £7 million. Two men who worked at Loomis staged a kidnap and the cash was stolen. This cash has never been found. Our client was said to be involved in the […]

Operation Equinox – Isleworth Crown Court

This case relates to the kidnap and assault on a complainant by 3 defendants as well as a conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. The complainant stated that he had been concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin for a gang and that he was grievously assaulted. He was then taken to an […]

R v K Reading Crown Court

Multi-handed Conspiracy to Blackmail over a dispute of substantial sums of money and a serious shooting in Slough, Berkshire. Cross border issues in relation to the service of evidence arose.

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