Operation Addlings – Blackfriars Crown Court

Sophisticated hawala banking alleged money laundering operation where Defendants are linked to the operation due to hundreds of £5 “token notes” found on mobile phones which suggest that millions of pounds were laundered.

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Operation Major – Guildford Crown Court

Professionally planned money laundering operation where identities of individuals were hijacked to commit fraud and launder millions of pounds which was transferred through companies as far as Singapore. The Prosecution rely upon extensive digital evidence to link the Defendants in the creation of these companies and the onward transfer.

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Operation Surging – Southwark Crown Court

An investigation conducted by the National Crime Agency where it is suspected that the organised crime group has laundered large quantities of cash, estimated to be at least £40 million. The source of the criminal conduct is believed to be derived from bonded alcohol which has been diverted to the UK market without the payment…

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R v B & B – Isleworth Crown Court

Lengthy police investigation resulted in both Mr and Mrs B being charged with money laundering offences, with £60,000 in cash seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Detailed defence bundle, evidencing the origins of the cash seized, was served at an early stage in the investigation. Ultimately our defence application to dismiss was successful at…

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Operation Accolade – Reading Crown Court

This investigation concerned an allegation that the Defendant which we represented was a sophisticated and cunning  money launderer who was closely linked with serious and organised criminality in the Thames Valley, Hampshire and Surrey areas. The prosecution relied Based on surveillance and cell site evidence to attempt to prove the movement and launder of millions…

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Operation Doberman – Manchester Crown Court

Following the convictions of a number of family members for the importation of heroin and other dishonesty offences, and investigation was conducted into the finances of 11 Defendants. The individuals faced allegations of Conspiracy to Launder Money over a 10- year period and were said to have dissipated their assets worth around £1 million at…

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Operation Unphazed – Nottingham Crown Court

The case centres around allegations of a Missing Trader/ VAT Fraud and money laundering to the value of £10 million which resulted in alleged breaches of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Over 50 companies based in the UK and Europe were said to be involved in…

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R v K – Southwark Crown Court

The defendant was said to be the owner of a number of illegitimate money exchange bureaus across the U.K who had through a sophisticated manner had laundered in excess of £9.2 million with the assistance of a number of other defendants. The phone and cell site evidence produced by the prosecution was successfully undermined.

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