Majid Hanif

Accredited Police Station Representative


Majid Hanif

“They are extremely competent in their legal and strategic advice, their files are very well prepared and they have some of the hardest-working and most dedicated solicitors that I have ever worked with”

Chambers & Partners

“They are able solicitors, who are hardworking and understand what is necessary tactically in preparation to advance a case”

Chambers & Partners

“The solicitors are approachable and care about the clients”

Chambers & Partners

Majid has specialised in Criminal Defence since he joined ABV in July 2014 and during this time he has built a strong practice representing clients facing the full range of criminal allegations. Majid is a persuasive advocate who regularly attends the police station, Magistrates and Youth Courts to represent his clients. Majid is also an accredited Duty Solicitor and regularly receives private instructions for representation at the Magistrates Court.

Majid has considerable experience in preparing complex Crown Court cases including Murder, Fraud, Violent Crime and Drug Conspiracies. Often these cases involve voluminous digital evidence which is served by the Prosecution which need to be considered and analysed. Majid’s calm and experienced approach puts clients at ease when under considerable pressure when facing criminal allegations, allowing the case to be prepared at its best giving clients the reassurance that every avenue has been explored. This approach has led to some of his cases being discontinued or even resulted in successful acquittals.

Over the years, Majid has built up his client base through personal recommendations through his clients and by others within the professions. Whether it be taking client instructions at police stations, conducting advocacy at the Magistrates Court or litigating cases in the crown court, Majid is well versed in dealing with all types of cases.

Serious & General Crime Cases

R v K

Represented a young person aged 14 years old facing an allegation of Murder with four others before the Central Criminal Court. It was alleged the victim was run over in a stolen car and stabbed 15 times. This complex case involved cell site evidence, forensic evidence and considerable CCTV evidence.

R v T

Trial before Snaresbrook Crown Court for two allegations of child cruelty. Client and victims both gave evidence. Victims were cross examined in compliance with gateway 6 and the vulnerable witness protocol. After a five day trial the jury returned unanimous verdicts of not guilty.

R v R

Represented a young person for trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court with another for possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence. This case involved instructing an expert to examine the air velocity of the firearm, after the definition of a firearm was amended in the new Act 22 days after the client was arrested and charged. This step was crucial to determine whether the gun was a firearm or an imitation, as it would determine if the client was subject to minimum term sentence for firearms.

Operation Flores

Conspiracy to supply heroin when 52 kilos of heroin was discovered and a firearm at an address in Ilford. This complex case involved substantial telephone downloads, CCTV evidence and cell site evidence.



R v R:

Trial before Snaresbrook Crown Court where our client with no previous convictions alleged to have committed a historic indecent assault between 1984 and 1985 on a young family member. This case involved careful examination of the prosecution case in light of the sensitive allegations. After a ten day trial, the jury returned with not guilty verdicts.

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