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Fraudulent activity: what is it and why you need a fraud solicitor if you’re apprehended
03 Feb 2020

Being accused of fraud is confusing, worrying and stress-inducing. If you have been arrested, taken in for questioning, or have had charges laid against you, you will need experienced legal representation from the outset.

Call our legal team at ABV Solicitors if you have been accused of a crime, so that we can devise the best strategy for your case, whether straightforward or complex, to ensure the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

What constitutes fraud?

In a nutshell, fraud is defined as the act of deceiving others for your own benefit or causing loss to another. In other words, claiming personal or monetary gains by leading others to believe falsehoods.

The definition is incredibly broad and can include anything from counterfeiting products and identify theft to severe misdemeanours, such as tax evasion.

Due to the various types of fraud that are committed, the punishment or penalties may vary from incarceration or probation to fines and restitution, which are the money damages paid to the victim.

How are these punishments or penalties determined?

How these punishments are determined depends on several factors. Primarily, punishments are based on the type of fraud you are accused, the value of the assets involved, the degree of your involvement, and the time over which the fraud was committed. Previous convictions will also be taken under advisement. Our solicitors for fraud will advise you and provide you with all the essential information.

If you have been incarcerated, your term of imprisonment may last between one to multiple years, depending on the severity of the crime you have been accused of. In some cases, your term of imprisonment could be suspended

Fines and restitutions can also differ significantly, according to the factors we listed above.

Why do I need a fraud solicitor?

Whether you have been taken in for questioning or have been arrested, you have a right to legal representation, such as a solicitor for fraud. You can use the duty solicitors provided to you by the government, or you can choose to select your own legal team.

Our advice to you is that if you have sufficient funds, you should consider hiring a specialised fraud solicitor. A duty solicitor or even a criminal lawyer do not have the knowledge, expertise or experience to handle your case effectively, especially if you land up in court.

What can we do for you?

In meeting our clients, our first port of call is to ensure that they understand the allegations imposed on them, and are keenly aware of their rights.

Our role as fraud solicitors in your case ranges from proving your innocence and getting the charges dropped to mitigating your punishment as best we can.

What are the most common cases we see?

Over the years of practising, we have undertaken and provided an excellent defence for a variety of cases, acting both professionally and confidentially at all times.

Give us a call if you need expert representation!

What should I do if I have been falsely accused of fraud?