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Expert representation by our fraud solicitor at ABV Solicitors
02 Jan 2023

Fraud is criminal activity that involves the intentional perversion of the truth or false misrepresentation for financial gain which results in financial loss for another person, company or organisation. You may find that you make a promise to someone without the intention to fulfil that promise or make a statement, knowing that the statement was false at the time you made it. This is criminal activity. In such cases your victim may argue that you entered into a contract which you never intended to fulfil, which makes you guilty of fraud or they could claim damages as a result of a false representation that you made and sue you for damages.

We specialise in criminal defence

Here at ABV Solicitors we specialise in criminal defence cases and provide excellent client services which means we have extensive experience in dealing with fraud crime on all levels. Fraud cases can be complex and lengthy by nature and it is important that you have a specialist solicitor to deal with your case. We have experience in dealing with high profile cases often involving serious fraud, and we can represent you locally, nationally and internationally where necessary.

With us you can rest assured knowing that we have a long-standing relationship with experts in the field including forensic accountants, insolvency practitioners, computer experts as well as local barristers who specialise in serious fraud. We work with the King’s Counsel and this teamwork helps us create an excellent defence for our clients. We will delegate a specialist fraud solicitor to your case who will work with you throughout the length of the trial.

Let us put together an excellent defence for you

We understand that if you are accused of fraud this can be a highly traumatic situation to find yourself in. We deal with clients who are often intimidated by the process and we can offer our legal advice as well as a friendly ear. By building a personal relationship with you we can help ease your worries and help you through this difficult time. You can read about our reputation, some of the high profile cases that we have dealt with and the level of client care that we have to offer on our website and through our client reviews.

We deal with a wide range of offences that fall under fraud and financial crime. Our specialist fraud solicitor will create a strong defence for your case. Serious offences under the Fraud Act 2006 can be punished by up to 10 years imprisonment, whilst those accused of financial crime can spend up to 14 years in prison. For lesser offences you may be handed a fine or other similar orders. If you are found guilty of your actions then this can affect your livelihood, it can affect your reputation and it can have an impact on your personal relationships with friends and family. It can change your future, therefore, if you are accused of a fraud crime, whether it is true or a false allegation, it is important that you contact ABV Solicitors for a fraud solicitor from the outset to ensure that we can achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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