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The importance of legal representation in criminal offences including murder and manslaughter
05 Nov 2021

Over the last five years here in England and Wales there have been approximately 600 to 700 homicide cases each year. Homicide constitutes either murder or manslaughter. Both of these are criminal offences of the highest severity and involve the killing of a person by another. The difference between the two is that murder is described as a fatality which occurs as a result of an intention to kill or cause grievous bodily harm, whilst manslaughter is described as fatality which occurs where the perpetrator has either been provoked, threatened or cannot be held responsible for their actions. Manslaughter may be considered the lesser crime of the two, so it is important to be completely aware of the nature of the offence to deal with the case successfully.

If you are arrested or called in for questioning with respect to a murder charge then it is vital that you contact us here at ABV Solicitors before you speak to the police or any corresponding authority. Criminal offences are dealt with severely and a criminal record can have a devastating impact on all aspects of your life and the lives of those around you. Being aware of this we will delegate a leading criminal solicitor to help deal with your case efficiently, to achieve the most positive outcome possible under your circumstances.

The role of your criminal solicitor

Your criminal solicitor will accompany you and be present for any questioning. You will receive preparation on how to conduct yourself and your solicitor will help advise you with regard to the techniques and strategies which the authorities may use to implicate you further and how to help combat these where possible. If necessary we will speak on your behalf to ensure that any information that you do disclose is for your benefit and cannot be used against you later on in court. Your criminal solicitor will ensure that all forms and paperwork are completed correctly and submitted in a timely manner to prevent any delays or complications to your case. Your solicitor will collate any necessary evidence to create a strong case for you and speak to witnesses who may help strengthen your case further. If you are taken to court, your specialist and experienced criminal solicitor will ensure that you receive the highest quality representation and strive to achieve a positive outcome for you.

We are one of the leading law firms in the country and by making sure that you have our assistance and representation from the outset, you can rest assured that we have your best interests at heart and we will use our knowledge and expertise to achieve the best possible outcome for you in your situation. Speak to us at ABV Solicitors today to minimise the effects that this may have on your life and the lives of those around you. We are here to help. We provide a 24-hour customer service line so you can contact us in an emergency or for general advice. Our specialised, friendly and professional team are here to provide confidential advice for whichever situation you may have found yourself in.

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