Not Guilty: Doctor

Rishi Verma represented a Doctor facing serious sexual assault allegations. After trial, our client was acquitted of all charges enabling him to move on with his life and preserve his registration with the GMC. Jane Bickerstaff QC instructed as counsel.

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Disclosure Failures: Not Guilty

Multi-million pound boiler room fraud: Fergus Harrington represented a company director facing a diamond investment fraud and separate money laundering proceedings. CPS forced to drop the case after we uncovered serious disclosure failings during the trial and not guilty verdicts entered. Natasha Wong QC and James Martin instructed as Counsel.

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Suspended Sentence

Partner Sunita Mehta secures a suspended sentence for our client facing serious sexual offences charges. Nicki Roberson from Foundry Chambers instructed.

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Not Guilty: Modern Slavery

Our Damini Chavda achieves a not guilty verdict for our client charged with production of Cannabis. We successfully ran a defence under s45 of the Modern Slavery Act, submitting that our client was a victim of exploitation and successfully made representations to the CPS to offer no evidence. Benjamin Brown from Mountford Chambers instructed as…

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Not Guilty: Murder

Afaya Syed and Partner Sunita Mehta secure not guilty verdicts for our client facing charges of Murder and Manslaughter. Serious case where our client was charged with 5 others, where the Prosecution alleged our client conspired to rob taxi drivers by using weapons. Challenges encountered by the defence team included dealing with a client who…

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Not Guilty: Sexual Assault

Claire Anderson secures the acquittal of  a young student charged with Sexual Assault. Both he and his family are hugely relieved that he has been vindicated, after an agonising 18 month wait for this matter to come to trial. Heather Stangoe from 23 Essex Street instructed as Counsel.

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Acquittal: Sexual Assault

Rasna Loi obtains an acquittal for our client, charged with 10 counts of sexual assault before Aylesbury Crown Court. Vittoria Trigilio of 7 Bedford Row instructed as Counsel.

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Pandora Jewellery: Success

Rohit Sharma successfully makes pre-charge representations to private investigators employed by Pandora jewellery, avoiding our client from being charged. It was alleged that the our client and another were selling counterfeit items which breached trademark regulations and caused significant losses to the Pandora brand.

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Not Guilty

Akhtar Ahmad and Alice Brackenbury achieve a not guilty verdict for two of our privately funded clients facing serious assault charges. Neil Griffin and Stephan Alfred from Foundry Chambers instructed as counsel.

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ACQUITTAL: CPS Disclosure Failings

Our Mel Kelemework secures another acquittal in a 10-handed sexual grooming case, following a successful disclosure request made by the Defence, arguing abuse and disclosure failings by the Prosecution. As a result the Prosecution drop all charges against our client. Sarah Ellis from Foundry Chambers instructed as Counsel. Read more here.

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