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Acquittal: “People Smuggling”

Taimoor Tarafdar and Rohit Sharma secure an acquittal for our client after two trials who was alleged to have participated in a people smuggling operation. Case was investigated by the UK Border Agency. Paul Crampin from Carmelite Chambers was instructed.

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Acquittal: Fraud – Maids Moreton Murder

Our Zaki Hashmi and Nathaniel Rudolf from 25 Bedford Row secure the acquittal of our client charged with fraud who was linked to the Maids Moreton murder of Peter Farquhar at Oxford Crown Court. Read the full article here: BBC News

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Sayjel Patel of ABV Solicitors has successfully made representations to the Crown Prosecution Service and the National Crime Agency to prevent our client from being charged. Our client was a victim of modern slavery and was facing prosecution of serious drugs offences.

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No Further Action: Rape

Iram Iqbal has secured no further action in three separate matters of rape recently at the police investigation stage. In one of the investigations, Iram Iqbal instructed Stephen Vullo QC where our clients were two serving soldiers accused of rape. Iram Iqbal attended the premised where the conduct was alleged to have taken place and…

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Successful Acquittal: VAT Fraud

Deepak Vij and Rohit Sharma represented an individual who faced charges of VAT Fraud. The case was investigated by HMRC which was complex and required the consideration of voluminous material. Due to diligent representations and negotiations, the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence.

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VAT Fraud: Acquittal

Deepak Vij and Amirah Ajaz, instructing David Barnes of 3 Temple Gardens, secure the acquittal of our client facing charges of VAT Fraud at Southwark Crown Court.

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Acquittal: Rape Charges

Iram Iqbal of ABV Solicitors successfully secures the acquittal of our client who faced two allegations of rape. The allegation was made at a New Years Eve party. Stephen Vullo QC was instructed as Counsel.

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Another Acquittal: Sexual Assault

Claire Anderson, instructing Jane Bickerstaff QC, secures the acquittal of a 24 year old man charged with Sexual Assault at Reading Crown Court. Our client is delighted and relieved after suffering a 2 year ordeal.

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Acquittal: Sexual Assault

Claire Anderson of ABV Solicitors and Jane Bickerstaff QC of 9 Bedford Row secure the acquittal of our client, a Pharmacist, who was charged with Sexual Assault. The defence team worked tireless to undermine the evidence presented by the Prosecution including CCTV evidence. The jury unanimously returned a verdict of not guilty.

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Collapse of a Multi Million Pound Carbon Credit Fraud Trial

Today ABV secured the acquittal of a client in a multi-million pound carbon credit fraud at Southwark Crown Court. The Crown offered no evidence following cross-examination of the prosecution expert in a voir dire. The Crown were forced to offer no evidence after it became clear they were unable to fulfil their disclosure duties for…

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