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Cash Seized Returned

Robert Borwick Solicitor

Robert Borwick secures the return of almost £150,000 of our clients money that was seized by the NCA.  As a result of  proactive engagement and written submissions to the NCA, the money that was seized and detained last year was returned in full. At an earlier stage, Robert Borwick also represented an individual arrested on…

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Suspended Sentence

Mel Kelemework and our instructed Advocate, Shaheen Rahman, achieve a suspended sentence for our client charged with attempting to export 50 Kilos of Cannabis at Southwark Crown Court.

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Exonerated: Iraq Fatality Investigation

Robert Borwick, Partner at ABV Solicitors and Tom Blackburn represented one of the soldiers exonerated in the Iraq Fatality Investigation following a ruling given by Baroness Hallett. The Iraq Fatality Investigation was headed up by Sir George Newman where a Major in the British Army and two soldiers were subject matters of this investigation. The…

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Robert Borwick, Partner at ABV, successfully defends a Company Director facing a single allegation of rape.  In one of the few effective trials post lockdown, our client was unanimously acquitted by a the jury at Stafford Crown Court.  Jane Bickerstaff QC from 9 Bedford Row represented our client at trial.

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No Further Action

Claire Anderson successfully achieves no further action for our client, a medical student, following submissions to the CPS, who was facing allegations of sexual assault.

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Essex Lorry Deaths

Claire Anderson of ABV Solicitors instructed by Eamonn Harrison, charged in connection with the Vietnamese immigrant container death case. Further information: BBC News  

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No Further Action – Fraud

No Further Action taken against our client facing a £140,000 benefit fraud allegation who was alleged to have assisted others in obtaining benefits. Successful outcome achieved by our Ashwinder Gill.

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Reduced Sentence: Money Laundering

Deepak Vij and Amirah Ajaz achieve a substantial reduction at sentence for our client who pleaded guilty to multi-million money laundering charges following negotiations at Kingston Crown Court. Counsel Felicia Davy from 18 Red Lion Court instructed.

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Acquittal – Bribery

Deepak Vij and Taimoor Tarafdar achieve not guilty verdicts for our client who was alleged to have laundered circa £800,000, derived from bribe payments. Trial listed before Southwark Crown Court. Counsel, Michael Goodwin QC instructed.

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