Taimoor Tarafdar

Taimoor is a Solicitor Advocate with extensive experience in the Crown Court. He qualified in 2005 and has built up a respectable reputation in the criminal defence work within the UK.

Taimoor has a wealth of experience in all aspects of criminal law, with a particular focus on serious fraud and organised crime. Taimoor regularly deals with investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies including SFO, FCA, NCA, HMRC, MHRA, CPS, DBIS, Trading Standards and Local Authority.

Taimoor’s strengths include his calm and diligent approach to deal with contentious issues. He has the ability to digest relevant information swiftly to advance his client’s case.

Taimoor is fluent in Bengali.

Associated Cases

Money Laundering

R v D – Isleworth Crown Court 2017
This was a multi- handed case relating to an £8 million money laundering allegation. The case involved substantial surveillance operation over a period of time. Evidence of criminality was purely circumstantial therefore the principles in R v Anwoir 1998 were central to this case.

NHS Fraud

R v M – Maidstone Crown Court 2017
The case involved a senior NHS medical staff accused of manipulating the patient database system to inflate out of hours work figures. The Defence was focused on the disarray at the NHS patient management software and policy to increase workload to reduce waiting lists.

Benefit Fraud

Operation Rhino – Snaresbrook Crown Court 2016
Large scale benefit fraud where shell companies were setup to exploit a benefit scheme where EU nationals would qualify for housing benefits and tax credits if they were able to demonstrate a level of income. The shell company facilitated a large number of false benefit claims by allowing “employees” to effectively pay themselves wages through a chain of company accounts.

Tier 1 Fraud / Facilitation of Illegal Immigration

Operation Berg/Meeker – Southwark Crown Court 2017
1.4 million pounds revenue fraud and home office fraud. The conspiracy involved a web of alleged shell companies and monies moving between many bank accounts to defraud the Tier 1 immigration scheme. The revenue fraud involved abusing the PAYE system and false accounting.

Operation Belman – Manchester Crown Court (Crown Square) 2017
This case is linked to Operation Façade. Charges were brought after a BBC Panorama programme in respect of systematic cheating on English Language Testing (TOEIC) at colleges where these tests were being sat by ‘pilots’ and the colleges were allegedly facilitating such cheating. As a result of these test results, applicants were able to fulfil certain criteria in their visa applications. The defendant received training by ETS as an administrator for TOEIC testing and was part of the senior management at the college. Case required a detailed understanding of the education system and role of testing centres with education institutions.

Trading Standards / Rogue Traders

Operation Kanteen- Lewes Crown Court 2017
Multi-handed, national, fraud rouge trader investigation targeting elderly or vulnerable victims. In excess of 170 victims in this operation who were contacted and given the impression they were speaking to police, trading standards or crown court judges. Over 50 people arrested with a total loss in excess of £3.5 million.


Operation Waterfront – Derby Crown Court 2017
Conspiracy to supply class A in the Nottinghamshire and Chesterfield area, where the defendant is alleged to be the main supplier for the Chesterfield hub. Extensive operation where evidence was gathered through surveillance and mobile phone data.

Professional Memberships
  • LCCSA (London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association)