Sunita Mehta


Sunita has specialised exclusively in criminal defence work since 2003, she worked as a paralegal prior to being admitted as a Solicitor in 2008. Sunita trained and qualified at ABV Solicitors; she is an accredited Police Station Representative and a Duty Solicitor.

Sunita has gained considerable experience having worked on the full spectrum of criminal cases, including a number of high profile cases. She is now involved in preparing some of the firms most serious and complex cases with a particular emphasis on murder, serious violence and large-scale drug offences. Sunita also has substantial experience in dealing with a range of serious sexual offences and large-scale fraud matters.

Sunita’s respectful and reassuring manner coupled with a meticulous approach to preparation instils confidence in clients. Her attention to detail and client focused approach ensures that clients are provided with the best weaponry to defend their cases. Her caring and empathetic approach ensures clients are provided with support at the most trying of times, especially when in custody. She is organised and methodical, all of which make her an outstanding lawyer.

Over the last 12 months, Sunita has mainly dealt with cases where clients have been charged with serious violent offences or sexual offences. These cases need to be handled more sensitively as they often involve vulnerable complainants/witnesses, defendants with health difficulties and special measures. These issues are inherent in a number of these types of cases making the case more complex from the outset, as these also usually involve legal argument about non- defendant bad character, prior sexual relationships and a number of other legal issues which need to be explored with the client. Furthermore, there are often novel or ever changing legal arguments that are involved, so these need to be borne in mind when preparing the case.


Associated Cases


Operation Gosasco
Central Criminal Court 2015

This case concerned the attempted murder of a man who was out with others in the Southall area. The Crown’s case was that a gang of men in two separate cars drove up behind him. The passenger in the first car fired at his head and narrowly missed. Although the complainant tried to escape from the attack upon him he was blocked by the first car and then there was another attempt to shoot him which also failed as the gun jammed, the complainant was then attacked and beaten with a hammer to the face. The men then made off in the cars. The Crown’s case was that this defendant was one of the drivers used in this drive by; a joint enterprise attack in which the aim was to kill the complainant.

 R v G
Inner London Crown Court 2016
This case involves a middle-aged lady who has made threats to kill a member of the family. It is the Prosecution’s case that she has attempted to solicit the assistance of others to carry the threat out.



Operation Equinox
Isleworth Crown Court 2016

This case relates to the kidnap and assault on a complainant by 3 defendants as well as a conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. The complainant stated that he had been concerned in the supply of Crack Cocaine and heroin for a gang [made up of the 3 defendants] for the past 8 weeks and that he was punched in the face causing Forde to suffer a cut lip. The complainant then threatened to surrender his phone and was then taken to an unknown Somalian families’ address where remained until the following morning when he was collected from the address by the Defendant and one of the co-defendant and taken to deal more drugs at a different address in Isleworth. The matter is fixed for trial in 2016.

R v M & Others
Harrow Crown Court 2015

This case centres on a group of men who were involved in the commercial supply of cocaine between February and May 2015. They were under observation by surveillance officers for a number of months. The Prosecution have established contact between all the defendants and a number of relevant items were seized when the defendants were arrested and their homes searched. All the defendants in this case entered guilty pleas and a basis of plea was drafted for our defendant in terms favourable to him which was accepted by the Prosecution.

Operation Thallium
Reading Crown Court 2015

This case concerned the surveillance of various defendants following intelligence received in relation to drug supply from a particular address. The address was observed over a number of months following which arrests were made. The address being used belonged to this defendant and so it was a case of negotiating a basis of plea in terms favourable to the client to ensure the case was resolved with the best possible outcome for the defendant.  Thereafter, a favourable Confiscation Order was also negotiated.



Operation Fitzroy
Southwark Crown Court 2016

This was a mutli handed case relating to alleged grooming and various sexual offences of underage girls, the possession of indecent images as well as administering a substance with intent. The Prosecution case was that these defendants invited others to have sex with the girls and plied them with drugs so they could carry out sexual acts on them. Mixed pleas were entered and the matter is fixed for trial in May 2016.

R v W
Reading Crown Court 2015

This case concerned serious sexual offences perpetrated on younger family members. This prosecution case was not wholly challenged but certain aspects were which meant that all exhibits had to be examined by the Solicitor with conduct and Queen’s Counsel instructed on the matter. Due to the seriousness of the offences and the vulnerability of the complainants in the case, it was imperative that full mitigation was presented to keep any sentence to a minimum which was achieved.

 R v M
Southwark CC 2016/2017

An Army Recruiter was charged with sexual offences on non-domiciled recruits. This was a multi complainant case with a voluminous indictment. The matter proceeded to trial where mixed verdicts were returned. The prosecution did not pursue a retrial where the jury were hung. This case attracted national media coverage.

R v H
Reading CC 2016/2017

This case concerned consent; a typical ‘he said’ ‘she said’ rape case where the jury had to decide who was more credible, the complainant or the defendant. A case theory was presented to the jury by the defence which caused them to doubt the evidence of the complainant. The defendant was later acquitted of all charges.

R v D
Reading CC 2016/2017

A case relating to indecent images; the defendant made admissions at the scene. The aim of his defence team was to ensure the defendant got the most suitable sentence possible, which was achieved.

R v S
Woolwich CC 2016/2017

This case concerned an allegation against 3 men of rape. Each of the defendants provided their account and when this was presented by counsel instructed on behalf of our defendant further investigations were carried out by the police. As a consequence, the prosecution offered no evidence and the defendants released immediately from custody.



Operation Berg / Meeker
Southwark Crown Court 2015-2016

This case concerns registered immigration advisors and company directors alleged to be responsible for the manipulation of employment, earnings and tax records for two main purposes; to support immigration applications through the use of fraudulently increased earnings in order to obtain leave to remain in the United Kingdom and to obtain repayment of tax contributions that are purported to have been overpaid due to the application of an incorrect tax code being applied to documents submitted to HMRC when the tax has never, in fact, been paid by the employer. The Defendant we represent holds various directorships of companies alleged to have perpetrated the fraud as well as being employed by one of them.

Operation Wick
Isleworth Crown Court 2016/2017

The prosecution case was that the defendants conspired together and with others to facilitate breaches of immigration law in a conspiracy involving “reverse” smuggling, i.e. taking migrants from the UK to France. An undercover journalist working for The Sun newspaper was introduced to the defendant by a third party. They discussed the possibility of secretly smuggling 2 males out of the UK. The defendant introduced the males to another who arranged for them to be taken in taxis along with a large group of South Asians to a safe house to be taken to Dover for transfer to France. A lorry was driven from Essex, but arrests were made after a tip-off by The Sun newspaper to the police in Kent.


Professional Memberships

  • LCCSA (London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association)
  • Duty Solicitor CLAS Accreditation
  • Accredited Police Station Representative
  • Black Solicitors Network