Rohit Sharma

Rohit joined ABV Solicitors in 2016 having previously worked at a criminal law firm based in Essex.

Rohit has considerable experience in fraud and financial crime. His work is focused on complex white/grey-collar fraud, serious organised crime and complex confiscation cases.

Rohit regularly deals with complex white/grey-collar fraud, serious organised crime and complex confiscation cases including investigations conducted by the SFO, FCA, NCA, HMRC, CPS, DBIS, Trading Standards and Local Authority.

Rohit demonstrates a meticulous and diligent approach to reviewing evidence and he is widely commended and recommended by his clients. Rohit works tirelessly to advance his clients’ interests.

Rohit is fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.

Associated Cases

Mortgage Fraud and Money Laundering

Operation Alyxia – Southwark Crown Court 2017
This is a mammoth Vishing Fraud linked to Operation Kadenza, with an estimated loss of £113 million. The organised criminal network concerned a sophisticated campaign against The Lloyds Banking Group business customers. The case has been investigated by seven different police forces. The trial will involve a ‘super grass’ who will be providing evidence for the prosecution (Queen’s Evidence).

Operation Academy – Blackfriars Crown Court 2017
This investigation focused on identifying and apprehending multiple defendants alleged to be involved in the manufacture and distribution of skimming devices, specifically for use on TFL ticket vending machines as well as devices for other cash vending machines to launder circa £5 million. Through covert audio and video records the BTP established a large criminal network dealing in the manufacture and distribution of skimming devices both in the UK and worldwide. The evidence is linked to a similar FBI investigation.

Operation Solitude – Reading Crown Court 2017
This large investigation concerned the laundering of more than £4.5 million. Cash was allegedly transported between a number of individuals through various mediums such as money service bureaus. The source of the funds was alleged to be linked to other cases, such as large-scale drugs supply. Our defendant was one of many co -defendants, alleged to have been a pivotal cog involved in the collection and distribution of criminal funds meeting with representatives of different criminal groups. Substantial surveillance identified bags of money collected and transported to the Southall and South Harrow area, at identified Money Service Businesses (MSB’s).

Investment Fraud

Operation Sylphy – Southwark Crown Court 2017
This case relates to a sophisticated online gold bullion investment fraud and money laundering. The online frauds involved the hacking of a substantial number of eBay and email accounts. The Organised crime network obtained information from bank insiders to ascertain which victims had significant sums in their accounts. These vulnerable and sometimes elderly victims were then repeatedly cold called and presented with investment opportunities in gold bullion by pressurised selling.

Long Firm Fraud

Operation Calanth – Snaresbrook Crown Court 2017
Conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation. The Defendants contacted computer supply companies pretending to be large companies and government agencies ordering high value computer supplies namely laptops and iPads. The defendant’s adopted false email address relating to legitimate business to order computer supplies. On-going proceedings with a loss value of circa £1.2 million.

Drugs Offences

Operation Halimous – Central Criminal Court 2017
The NCA commenced an investigation and substantial surveillance operation concerning the smuggling of Class A and B drugs which were being sent to the UK via Royal Mail (Parcel Force). The Prosecution suspect that insiders within the Royal Mail were part of the organised crime group. The Prosecution evidence is considerable and consists of vast amount of telephone data amongst other evidence.

Human Trafficking

Investigation Stage – 2017
Investigation by Border Agency officers in respect of Human Trafficking from the Middle East. The defendant is accused of facilitating the illegal entry of clandestines into the UK.

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