Claire Anderson


Claire has over 20 years’ experience in practicing Criminal Law and was a senior Director in a leading Legal 500 firm before joining ABV in April 2017.
She has represented clients facing prosecutions ranging from minor assaults through to tax evasion, fraud, murder, drugs importation and serious sexual offences, specialising in those of a historic nature.

Claire is regularly recommended to clients by other professionals including barristers, accountants, and other solicitors because of her reputation for thoroughness, empathy and her determination to achieve the very best outcome for all of those she represents.

The Investigation stage of a police inquiry can be very lengthy and extremely stressful for the suspect in question. Claire is very proactive in engaging with the investigating authority and has on many occasions, successfully persuaded the police and/or the CPS not to bring charges against her client by the submission of robust representations challenging the police ‘evidence’.
Her client care is first rate and as a trained Mediator, her negotiation and communication skills are well known within the industry.
Claire has written articles published in the British False Memory Society newsletter and has represented many clients recommended by the BFMS.

Notable Recent Cases:

R v B – Central Criminal Court 2015
Offence – Conspiracy to defraud.
The client was one of 6 defendants charged with a high value bank fraud. All of the defendants were employees of the bank at the time of the fraud. Claire’s client was one of only 2 clients acquitted. The defendant was a man of previous good character and was able to return to the banking sector to pursue his career.

R v G – Central Criminal Court. 2014
Offence – Conspiracy to Steal
The defendant was one of 4 charged with a cash point scam of high value. The prosecution relied on technical evidence including computer and phone evidence which Claire managed to challenge after instructing an expert in that field. Mr G was acquitted. The other defendants had pleaded Guilty at an earlier hearing.

R v S.- Southwark Crown Court 2014
Offence- Fraudulent Trading and False Accounting.
Claire’s client was the subject of a Private Prosecution by an individual which led to his committal for trial at the Crown Court. Mr S was an academic of good character ineligible for Public Funding and facing incredibly stressful litigation. The CPS were persuaded to use their statutory powers to intervene in the prosecution and undergo a full review of the prosecution case. This resulted in them taking over conduct of the case and immediately offering no evidence against Mr S. In addition, Counsel instructed successfully argued for an order for this client’s full (substantial) costs to be paid.

R v C.- Southwark Crown Court. 2014
Offence – Death by Dangerous Driving.
Mr C was a lorry driver who struck a pedestrian who ran into the path of his vehicle. The Crown argued that as he was travelling in excess of the speed limit for that stretch of road, his stopping distance was reduced and submitted that had he been driving slower, he could have avoided the collision. Claire instructed a renowned Road Traffic Investigation expert who provided a report to demonstrate otherwise. The defendant was acquitted.

R v D- Chelmsford Crown Court 2017
Offence- GBH
The defendant was a doorman charged with a serious assault on a customer at the nightclub where he worked. After careful scrutiny of CCTV evidence and the discovery of additional, previously none disclosed footage of another incident the complainant was involved in that evening, the Crown’s case was seriously undermined leading to the defendant’s acquittal.

R v N- Woolwich Crown Court 2014
Offence- Multiple historic sexual offences.
The defendant was one of 4 defendants charged with serious sex offences. In cases such as these, probing for full disclosure from the Crown is critically important and can often change the course of the evidence. Documents unearthed in this case undermined the complainant’s credibility as far as the client was concerned and he was the only one of the 4 defendants to be acquitted.

R v M – Blackfriars Crown Court 2015
Offence –Importation of Cocaine.
The Defendant was charged with importing a significant amount of cocaine from Amsterdam. He pleaded Guilty to the offence and after the submission of very powerful mitigation, the Judge sentenced the Defendant to a 2 year suspended prison sentence.

R v A.
Offence – Common Assault and Criminal Damage. (Domestic)
This young woman instructed Claire after being represented at the police station by another firm. She had admitted criminal damage in interview and was charged with both offences. She was a trainee teacher of previous good character who if convicted, would have lost her job and future career. Claire made repeated and substantial representation to the CPS seeking for the matter to be withdrawn. Despite initial negative responses she identified a Senior Crown Prosecutor who agreed to undertake a full review of the case. This resulted in both charges being withdrawn, to the relief and delight of the client who is now a fully qualified successful teacher.

R v F Manchester Crown Court 2015
Offence – Conspiracy to evade duty.
The defendant was part of a huge operation resulting in the prosecution of 20 defendants in a drug smuggling conspiracy. In the case against the client, the Crown relied on ANPR evidence, cell site and observation evidence. The defence instructed experts to examine the Crown’s reports and challenges were raised at trial. In addition, a series of impeccable character witnesses gave evidence about the client and the jury were persuaded to acquit him. The co- defendants received sentences of between 9 and 15 years.


‘As a Director of a small residential property company I was the defendant in a lengthy and complex private prosecution under the Companies Act. I was represented by Claire Anderson after becoming dissatisfied with my previous solicitors. Claire demonstrated skilful professional case management and quickly grasped the facts of my case. She was diligent and very supportive throughout the litigation. Claire’s relentless efforts, often beyond the call of duty, and her friendly manner, gained my full confidence. She is a forceful negotiator on behalf of her client’s interests, at all levels’.
Mr S.

‘I was charged with Conspiracy to Steal. I was remanded in custody where I spent a stressful few months awaiting trial. Claire Anderson represented me with a determination to get me the best result she could. My family were very distressed by my incarceration and she extended the support she gave to me to them. I was found ‘Not Guilty’ after trial and finally got my life back and I have Claire’s hard work and excellent legal skills to thank for that.’
Mr G.

‘I cannot recommend Claire highly enough. She has superb judgement and great client care skills. She puts the client at the heart of every case and I know that everything will have been done, and every angle considered, when I work with Claire. First Class’.
Alisdair Williamson QC. 3 Raymond Buildings. Chambers.

‘Claire is a highly respected and very experienced Solicitor. With a keen attention to detail, she is equally skilled in identifying the key points of fact and in law, in any case. She has an innate ability to empathise with clients and to guide them through the minefield of the prosecution process. It is always a great pleasure to work with Claire knowing that the case will be fully prepared and that the lay client is in the safest of hands.’
Matthew Farmer. – Barrister. Joint Head of Crime at Chambers of William Mousley QC. 2 Kings Bench Walk, Temple.